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Speak for the Trees!

Asian Longhorned BeetleIn August 2008, the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) was discovered in Worcester. As a result, 27,000 trees had to be cut down. Now, in July 2010, the ALB has been discovered in Boston. Only 6 trees have been cut down (so far) because this invasive beetle was identified and reported quickly by an observant and informed individual.

You Can Help – Early Identification is Critical

  1. Learn how to identify the ALB. Download a handy pocket guide.
  2. Know that not all beetles are bad and learn to identify ALB "look-a-likes." Download an info sheet.
  3. If you spot an ALB, report it immediately: or 1.866.702.9938. Take photos if you can, even with a cell phone. If you capture one, store it in a glass jar in the freezer. 

Some Good News

The ALB doesn't destroy every kind of tree—some of its favorites are maples, birches, and willows, but it does not like oaks or conifers. Download a guide to identifying potential ALB host trees.

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