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Exotic Beetle Threatens Massachusetts

The Asian longhorned beetle was detected in Worcester last summer (2008). Volunteers, including Trustees staff, have been helping to survey conservation lands in Worcester for the invasive beetle but more volunteers are needed for this ongoing effort that is expected to take many years.

The Cooperative Eradication Program has been formed to coordinate federal, state, and municipal governments together with private groups with the goal of eradicating this pest. The sooner the Asian longhorned beetle is eradicated the safer our trees and forests will be. Currently, the beetle is believed to be confined to Worcester where it went undetected for more than ten years - other undetected populations are possible.

To learn more about what to look for, eradication efforts, and how you can help, visit:

The official Massachusetts ALB Cooperative Eradication Program Website:

Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project that includes links to municipal websites and the latest news on the infestation including the eradication program

The City of Worcester’s home page on the status of control efforts

The Trustees’ ConservationCommon, a community clearing house and discussion site for conservation issues. Search for Asian longhorned beetle. Presentations and workshops on the Asian longhorned beetle will be posted here as they are scheduled.

The Greater Worcester Land Trust to volunteer to search parks and natural areas for the beetle.

The Don't Move Firewood Campaign. Moving firewood can inadvertently spread disease and insects such as the Asian longhorned beetle:


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