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Caring for Special Places
It's not enough to save land – it needs care and management, forever.

Caring for and Restoring Habitat
Habitats face threats from development, invasive species, and more.

Protecting Rare Species 
We're working to ensure rare species have safe places to live and breed.

Management Guidelines & Policies
Our experience can help you manage your own special places.

The natural side of Massachusetts is as lovely as it gets. From the hills of the Berkshires to the shores of Nantucket, The Trustees protect and nurture natural places and the plants and animals that call them home.

Bartholomew's Cobble: spotted salamanders Vernal Pools
What's that quacking sound? It's not a's coming from a vernal pool. Discover the sights and sounds that happen there.

Of Forests & Floodplains | The Trustees of Reservations A Forest Reborn
Find out about the exciting project that's been going on at Bartholomew's Cobble.
New England cottontail | Bunny Love
Hear how the native New England cottontail is getting some help at Mashpee River Reservation.
Vineyard Landing
Discover how our Shorebird Protection Program plays an important role in sustaining critical animal populations.
Bear Wildlife Wonders
Check out amazing wildlife sightings from across the state.

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