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Our Passions

We love the outdoors. We love the distinctive charms of New England. And we believe in celebrating and protecting them, for everyone, forever. It’s that simple. Our reservations are place to roam, to explore, and to inspire.

Join us to discover the joys of playing outdoors, of delving into our collective past, of growing great grub and pretty plants, of living lightly in a warming world, and of caring for the birds, the bees, and the other creatures that call Massachusetts home. And that’s just the start >>

Our Programs

No matter your age, interests, or know-how, we have programs and events to connect you to the places you love and the things you love to do. We can even help you check off a few of those “bucket list” activities that you’ve always wanted to try.

Our goal is to connect people more deeply to the places that make Massachusetts the place you want to call home, whether it’s through a hands-on workshop, a guided tour, or a service-learning summer job for your teen.

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Our Partners

We collaborate with individuals and partners across Massachusetts to share and put into action innovative of ways of connecting people to the places that sustain us. By mingling our expertise with theirs, we can all reach more people in more places in more ways. Plus, it’s just more fun this way. Learn more about the partners we work with.

Our Affiliates
Boston Natural Areas Network
Hilltown Land Trust

Our Partners
Crane Co.
New England Biolabs
Boys & Girls Club of North-Central Massachusetts
Greater Holyoke Boys & Girls Club