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Gerry Island

Gerry Island Marblehead

The Trustees has an opportunity to protect Gerry Island in scenic Little Harbor of Marblehead, pending successful fundraising for stewardship work and the reservation’s endowment. A beloved and iconic feature of the area’s coastal landscape, and neighbor to The Trustees’ Crowninshield Island, Gerry Island provides a critical opportunity to protect open space in the Town of Marblehead. The Trustees acquisition, a proposed gift, will provide for the island’s permanent protection as public space, enabling additional access to the coast, expanding recreational options, and protecting an important coastal viewshed.

Gerry Island Map


Gerry IslandGerry Island is uniquely situated at the end of a naturally occurring gravel land-bridge exposed at low tide, allowing visits by foot. Visible from historic Fort Sewall and the town’s Gas House Beach, it is a popular destination for those seeking to explore the intertidal zone, enjoy unique views of the historic Marblehead shoreline, or visit by canoe or SUP.


Gerry Island, MarbleheadReferenced in early records as Maverick's Island, the island was owned in the mid-18th century by Thomas Gerry, whose son Elbridge Gerry rose to prominence as a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, Governor of the Commonwealth, and Vice President to James Madison. He inspired the term “gerrymandering,” which was coined after Gerry signed into law a re-districting bill that favored his party.


Gerry Island, MarbleheadWith 120 miles of Massachusetts coastline under its protection, The Trustees is a leader in shoreline conservation, and in promoting the care of the Commonwealth’s coastal resources. Permanent protection for this Island will ensure public access to this iconic island, augmenting the recreational appeal of Marblehead's Little Harbor. Our proposed stewardship will focus on creating a welcoming destination from which to enjoy views of Marblehead's historic coastline, including benches and signs to welcome the visitor.

To permanently protect Gerry Island, Trustees seeks to raise $250,000. Donations are welcome.
Please contact development@thetrustees.org or call 617.542.7696 (option 7).