A Grand Undertaking, Continued


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c. 1930

From 1912 to 1915, landscape designer Arthur Shurcliff laid out and planted what would become the Grand Allée. But it would be 15 years before the Allée’s plantings grew to fulfill Shurcliff ’s vision: a brilliant ribbon of rolling greensward connecting the house (in 1926, the original Italian villa was replaced by the Stuart-style mansion you see today) to the wild ocean vistas beyond. © TTOR ARCHIVES


L.Brockway, Past Designs


Nearly 100 years later, the trees along the Allée have outgrown Shurcliff ’s design, dramatically reducing the breadth of the view.You can no longer see the hedgerows or classical sculptures that line its edges.The overmature trees have also become weak from years of exposure to harsh coastal weather (nearly two dozen trees were blown down by a Nor’easter in 2007). © LUCINDA BROCKWAY, PAST DESIGNS LLC


Pepperchrome Pepperchrome 


Over the next three years, the overgrown trees will be carefully removed and recycled, and new trees will be planted. Within 10 years, a visitor to the Crane Estate will once again be able to take in the elegant, sweeping views along the rolling Allée, just as the Cranes and their guests did nearly a century ago. © ILLUSTRATIONS PREPARED BY JOHN GUTWIN OF PEPPERCHROME

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