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How many working farms do you The Trustees preserve? Find out here.

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For centuries, human beings have had their hands on every inch of the Massachusetts landscape, turning it from forest to farm and back again. In Massachusetts, people and the land are of each other, inextricably woven together to form the tapestry of our long history together.

World's End, Hingham
Follow carriage roads designed by Frederick Law Olmsted along this exquisite South Shore peninsula as it juts into outer Boston Harbor. From several hills formed by the retreating glacier, enjoy fine views of the city skyline, harbor islands, and Massachusetts coast.

Appleton Farms, Hamilton & Ipwich
Experience the sights, smells, and rural traditions of the nation’s oldest continually working farm, dating to 1638. Or take a leisurely walk along the Grass Rides, where woodlands envelop you and birdsong serenades you

Dinosaur Footprints, Holyoke
These dinosaur tracks have been preserved for almost 200 million years, since the Connecticut River Valley was a vast marshland and inland sea. Some of the three-toed prints are 15 inches long! With its views of the Connecticut River, this is a great picnic spot.

Cormier Woods, Uxbridge
Explore this 18th-century farmstead, which features a house built in the 1750s, splendid barns, and serene pastures bordered by stone walls. Follow 4 miles of wooded trails that crisscross the property, passing large boulders left by the retreating glacier.

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, Nantucket
Pronounced “co-skate-uh co-too,” this remarkable coastal environment features miles of white-sand beaches, rolling dunes, saltwater marshes, and maritime woodlands, culminating in Great Point Lighthouse at its far tip.

Coolidge Reservation, Manchester-by-the-Sea
Take in panoramic ocean views from this peninsula where a mansion known as the “Marble Palace” once stood. Trails lead past tidal marshes, through woodlands, and across the broad Ocean Lawn to a seawall where the Atlantic stretches before you.

East Over Reservation, Rochester
You’ll admire broad fields and the finely laid stone walls that bisect them, but it’s the iconic yellow farm buildings of this spectacular
landscape that will remain in your memory.

Westport Town Farm, Westport
A place of shelter for the indigent and infirm for more than a century, this complex of buildings, pastures, and scenic tidal river shorefront today comprises of piece of living history. Thanks to a unique partnership with the town, the public can now explore this authentic salt farm.

Copicut Woods, Fall River
Walk along 3 miles of trail through woodlands and wetlands, listen to birdsong from more than 100 species, and explore an abandoned farm settlement. Don’t miss Miller Lane, a 150-year-old cart path lined by stone walls ands featuring a livestock “tunnel.”

Redemption Rock, Princeton
This large, flat-topped boulder is the site where settler Mary White Rowlandson was ransomed and released in 1676 after having been captured by Native Americans.


Learn More

Explore these special places more deeply on a guided program or tour

Just the Facts
How many working farms do you The Trustees preserve? Find out here.

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