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Historic Houses
Explore the history of Massachusetts at our nine historic house museums.

Elegance and beauty in formal masterpieces, kitchen gardens, and more.

Cultural Landscapes
These landscapes, shaped by human hands, give us a glimpse into another time.

Archives & Research Center
Our state-of-the-art storage facility preserves our treasures – and our stories.


In Massachusetts, you find history under every rock and on every corner. From the tracks of dinosaurs and the settlements of Mohicans to the stone walls of colonial farmers, The Trustees of Reservations care for and share an incredible array of places and things that illuminate who we were, who we are now, and who we will be.

 Trustees Dogs Best in Show
From mutts to pedigrees, all kinds of pups have lived on Trustees properties.

 Naumkeag: Afternoon Garden

Afternoon (Garden) Delight
It may never have inspired a pop hit, but the Afternoon Garden at Naumkeag made Miss Mabel Choate’s spirit sing.

 Naumkeag: blue pool steps

A Touch of Blue
Naumkeag’s gem of a garden is getting a makeover. Learn more about our three-year restoration.