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When The Trustees of Reservations created our 10-year strategic plan, Trustees 2017, one of our more ambitious goals was to become a carbon-neutral organization – meaning that, across all of our operations and properties, we ultimately intend to use no more energy than we produce.

More than that, our overarching goal is to share what we learn about reducing our carbon footprint with our members, friends, neighbors, and partners across the state.

Now, we may have an opportunity to truly lead by example on the South Shore. In 2011, The Trustees completed a feasibility study on the construction and operation of a 1.8MW wind turbine atop our Turkey Hill, part of our Whitney & Thayer Woods reservation in Cohasset. The study found that the site’s relatively secluded location and high winds make it an ideal location for a turbine.

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This milestone project, when combined with other measures we are taking to both conserve and produce renewable energy, would greatly reduce – and ultimately offset – our organizational carbon footprint. Moreover, it would provide the opportunity to showcase the site as a learning lab for anyone interested in the benefits of alternative, renewable energy.

We believe that living and working in ways that ensure the health and vitality of our communities and our planet – not just for today but for generations to come – is critical to achieving our vision of healthy, active, and green communities across the Commonwealth. Communities on the South Shore have already proven themselves as leaders in embracing renewable energy sources through favorable turbine zoning bylaws in Cohasset, the formation of a renewable energy commission in Hingham, and, of course, the construction of two wind turbines in Hull. We’re excited to be able to introduce our project among communities that recognize renewable energy as a critical ingredient in creating a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

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