Sustainability: Take Action


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Want to delve deeper into all things sustainability? Here are a few great resources:
Union of Concerned Scientists
Earthwatch Institute
Environmental Protection Agency

We'd love to hear about your sustainability successes. Share with us.

Learn about sustainability at The Trustees.

Want to go green at home but aren't quite sure where to begin? We've got ideas for you. And don't worry, starting small is okay!

In the House

  • Sign up for a home energy assessment via Mass Save to find out how you can be more efficient.
  • Get a no-cost audit as well as recommendations and advice on deeper energy-efficiency improvements with Next Step Living.
  • Recycle as much as possible – at home and at the office. Get helpful tips and find out where to recycle via Massachusetts DEP.
  • Find out what your water footprint is and get tips on how to conserve water at H2O Conserve.
  • Live in Western Massachusetts and are a Western Mass Electric's (WMECO) customer? Then join Western Mass Saves – they'll track your actual energy usage and create a personalized energy savings plan (complete with rewards) just for you. Remember to join our Trustees team when you sign up.
  • Visit Mass Energy Consumers Alliance for energy efficiency tips and info on how to green your electricity and save money.

In the Backyard

Out and About

  • Join – it's a community site where you can measure your carbon footprint and pledge to reduce it. While you're there, don't forget to join our group.
  • Buy local food when possible so that you can avoid shipping impacts, protest fossil-fuel–intensive industrial agriculture, and keep your dollars close to home – all while eating some of the tastiest food! Find a Buy Local group near you.
  • Push your local and national politicians to use their power to make smart climate decisions. If they don't hear from you, they won't know you care.