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The Trustees' Climate Action Plan
How we're reducing our carbon footprint – and helping you reduce yours.

Green Buildings
We're building – and renovating – green.

The Low-Carb Farm
At Appleton Farms in Hamilton and Ipswich, an ambitious plan to become carbon-neutral is seeing astonishing results. No calorie counting is required, but carbon counting is welcome.

These Walls Can Talk
History and future meet at the Bullitt Reservation in Ashfield.

With the Help of Volunteers, The Trustees Plant 113 Trees as Part of a Global Work Party
The Trustees of Reservations kicked off a new floodplain forest restoration project at the Land of Providence reservation in Holyoke, funded in part by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust, with the help of a team of 30 volunteers on Sunday, October 10, 2010. International Day of Climate Action
This October 24, you can join hundreds of thousands of people around the world in sending a message to our world leaders that we need bold climate change legislation and we need it now. International Day of Climate Action
On October 24, hundreds of people gathered at Crane Beach in Ipswich and World's End in Hingham to join the global call for meaningful action on climate change.

Climate Change: What You Can Do
Here are a few steps you can take to make a difference on climate change.

Climate Massachusetts?
It may seem vast and invisible, but climate change is already having an effect around the world, and here at home. If left unchecked, it is on track to irrevocably damage the very landscapes that The Trustees exist to protect.

Shifting Sands
Strong Forces Confront Our Coastlines.

Retrofit for a Farmhouse
Never has yellow been so green.

Out with the Cold: Weatherizing the Bryant Homestead
The charm of old buildings should come from their history and unique designs, not from their draftiness. But what can a homeowner do when a complete renovation isn’t possible?

Deconstructing Cedariver
Throughout last fall, The Trustees slowly but steadily “deconstructed” two buildings at our Cedariver reservation in Millis. This “green” demolition resulted in the harvesting of nearly 135 tons of debris – more than 75 percent of which has been salvaged, sold, reused, and recycled rather than ending up in a landfill.

A Climate for Change
The jersey cows at Appleton Farms look innocent enough. Visit them on any given day, and you’ll find the usual munching of grass, flicking of ears, and occasional gentle moo. But these peaceful creatures harbor a little secret: they’re a contributor to climate change.