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Doyle Center Facts and Figures


Size: 14,000 square feet of new space + 4,000 s.f. of renovated space = 18,000 s.f. in total

Work area: Work space for 38 people

Meeting area: Meeting space for 125 people

Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels: 2,000 square feet

Depth of the two geothermal wells: 1,500 feet

Recycled and sustainable materials used: bamboo and cork flooring; desks and shelving made of sunflower seed byproducts (Dakota Burl); Werzalit siding made from byproduct of hardwood timber harvesting; carpet made from recycled fibers; fabric on acoustic tiles in cubicles made from recycled fabric; stonework in landscaping and foundation created with stone found on site; mulch from stumps from site preparation; local wood used where possible

Energy efficient design: Solar panels on roof provide 25% of building's electrical energy demand (see our solar array stats); compact fluorescent "smart lights" automatically adjust to lighting needs; windows open to allow for good ventilation; geothermal energy heats and cools building without onsite fossil fuels; heating management system helps regulate indoor air temperature with the lowest energy costs

Water conservation: Composting toilets means no wasted water-toilets flush with a thin layer of foam and waste is composted on site; gray water recycling system that will ultimately water flower beds is currently in the permitting process; landscaping designed with native vegetation with no manicured lawns and no need for irrigation

Sustainable site: Building sited at previously disturbed area (backyard of existing house used as The Trustees of Reservations offices); small building footprint to maximize open space; parking spaces minimum required by zoning; bicycle storage and changing rooms promote use of alterative transportation; bioswale constructed for stormwater treatment and management

Indoor environmental quality: 90% of building receives daylight, with views to the outdoors; ventilation system that utilizes fresh air from controllable windows; use of materials that minimize the "off gassing" of toxins; no smoking in the building