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Contact Your State Legislators
Reach out to your local representative and senator and have your voice heard.

Tools and Techniques
Learn how The Trustees work across the state to protect special places.

How You Can Protect Your Land
What are your options for saving your land?

A guide to terms and other tools to help you sort through jargon and more.

Conservation Restrictions
Learn more about Conservation Restrictions (CRs) at The Trustees.

Land Trust Accreditation

The Trustees works to preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts. Advocacy and public policy are critical to this work. Together with our members, legislators, other elected and appointed officials, and fellow conservation and preservation organizations, we strive to implement smart and effective public policies that help protect the special places of Massachusetts.

The Trustees currently holds the environmental seat on the board of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, which is dedicated to uniting and strengthening the entire nonprofit sector through advocacy, public awareness, and capacity-building.

 Federal Issues Federal Issues
Trustees’ advocacy efforts at the federal level are focused on several critical issues. We are monitoring the push to ease the transfer of public lands, driven by the adoption of a rule that devalues federal public land by the House of Representatives. The Trustees has joined an informal coalition of national and state organizations to monitor and advocate for public conservation lands, lead by The Wilderness Society.  And we advocate for the Land & Water Conservation Fund, America’s most important federal conservation and recreation program.

As an accredited organization through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, we collaborate with Land Trust Alliance colleagues across the country. In May 2017, we are participating in the LTA’s Advocacy Days, which will include developing regional policy priorities and advancing a national legislative agenda for conservation, as well as meeting with the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

Antiquities Act Update: We are deeply concerned with the Trump administration’s recent Executive Order calling for the review of all large National Monuments designated since 1996 as part of The Antiquities Act, which threatens to strip protections of these important and cherished public lands. For more understanding of this issue, here is a detailed explanation from the Union of Concerned Scientists.
  State Legislative Priorities
The Trustees advocates for legislation that supports land conservation and historic preservation, addresses climate change, and furthers natural resource protection. Read more about our priority bills for the 2017-18 legislative session here.
 Farandnear: Woods and path in fall Land Protection
As the nation’s first conservation and preservation trust we care deeply about land conservation. In addition to our state legislative priorities, we are also founding Steering Committee members of the Massachusetts Community Preservation Coalition. The Trustees is also represented on the Commonwealth’s Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Advisory Committee which provides the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife with independent scientific advice on the conservation and protection of over 400 species of wild plants and animals that are not hunted, fished, or trapped.

Agriculture and Food Policy
In addition to advocating for land conservation tools that support agriculture, The Trustees is a project advisor to the Massachusetts Food System Plan.


Climate Change
Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our environment, from rising sea levels and coastal erosion, to impacts from flash floods inland, to changes in flowering times of crops and wildflowers. Read more here.


Natural Gas Pipelines
There are several interstate natural gas pipelines proposed for Massachusetts. Read what The Trustees is doing protect open space here.