What We Care About

Stories from the Field

Least Wanted
Learn what you can do to help battle invasives in the Commonwealth.

Off the Shelf
If you don’t find shelving interesting (and we don’t blame you!), you’ve got to see this video which brings them to life at the ARC.

For the Love of the Land
Hear about Westport resident Lucy Keefe’s gift of a critical parcel of watershed land that keeps on giving.

For more than a century, The Trustees have been on the ground in communities across Massachusetts, working to protect special places, providing loving care of our reservations, building creative new programs to engage people, and sharing our expertise with neighbors and partners across the state.

Together with our members, elected and appointed officials, and fellow conservation and preservation organizations, we work to implement smart and effective public policies that help protect the special places of Massachusetts.
 Mountain Meadow Preserve: field vista Land
With more than 100 special places on 25,000 acres in Massachusetts, we’re your partners in protecting the places that matter.
 ARC: Appleton trophies History and Culture
In Massachusetts, people and the landscape are inextricably woven together to form the tapestry of our long history together.
 Community Garden Community
We collaborate with neighbors and partners across the state to create healthy communities.
 Cedar Waxwing The Natural World
The Trustees are committed to nurturing natural places and the plants and animals that depend on them. 
 Dig In Learning and Discovery
Experience is the key to lifelong learning and caring – and that’s the only way to make certain that tomorrow has the passionate conservationists it will need.
 Appleton Farms: photovoltaic panels Sustainability
The Trustees are committed to being green in all that we do – and to sharing our experience with members, visitors, and the public.