Summer Camps

Weir River Farm

Are you ready for the summer? Although it may not seem like it, that sunny season will be here before you know it and summer means CAMP! With world-class properties like the Crane Estate, Appleton Farms, World’s End, Weir River Farm, and The FARM Institute as our base camps, we take pride in offering unparalleled summer camp experiences.

And while summer camp is ultimately about having fun, our dedication to place-based, experiential learning is there too, hiding in plain sight. This winter, we’re hard at work crafting new adventures and experiences for our campers that spark ideas, cultivate a sense of wonder, and develop appreciation for our natural world. Whether your kids like farms or fields, woods or waves, we’ve got an amazing summer experience lined up for them: we have camps for little, middle, and big kids! Take a peek – you’re going to like what you find.

Registration opens February 1 for all camps.

“Wonderful… everything I could ask for in a summer camp. I love that the program leverages the beautiful surroundings with so much imagination and a great variety of activities!”

– Nicole Loring, Camper's Mother

“My son has tried several day camps in the past, and he has tolerated them. SummerQuest was different. It was engaging – physically, intellectually, socially – and it was FUN! My son looked forward to coming each day and hated to see it end.”
– Elizabeth Frederick, Camper's Mother

“My husband and I love that you promote so much hands-on, jump in-with-both-feet learning. We are confident that you, like us, want these Questers to get as many salty, sandy, muddy, grassy imprints on their young psyches as possible. What better place than the Crane Estate to bring out their adventurous spirits and lay down some lasting impression of what it means to be happy?”
- Heidi Goodwin, Camper's Mother