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The Crane Estate
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SummerQuest sessions are organized around “quests” that inform the week’s schedule. Specific activities and challenges are tailored to each age group and stage of learning, so while the Quest remains constant, the approach for each age group will be different.

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Mission Impossible! | June 25-29
Calling all SummerQuesters! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be announced at Morning Circle on Monday! Rumor has it that some very important items have gone missing; it’s up to you to use your skills of observation to follow the clues that lead to their recovery! Clues will lead to all corners of the property, so come prepared to explore – and to see parts of the Crane Estate you didn’t even know existed!

Craniacs Go! | July 2-July 6**
Celebrate America and the independence summer brings with activities that test brawn and brains! Teams will solve riddles, follow maps, answer questions, race through obstacle courses, and compete in challenges that allow them to demonstrate skills of strength and smarts. Everyone has something unique to offer, and teamwork will be the key to winning points!
**Pro-rated. No camp July 4.

Crane Castaways | July 9-13
Shipwrecked by a crashing storm, a band of castaways is struggling to establish a beachside settlement along the wild fringes of the Atlantic coast. We’ll build shelters in the Pine Grove, forage for wild edibles to stave off starvation, and learn the survival skills we’ll need to thrive far from civilization.

Seacoast Safari | July 16-20
Our safari will take us along the shores of Steep Hill Beach, where an exotic assortment of plants and animals waits to be discovered. We’ll explore the tide pools at the mouth of the Ipswich River and the wrack line at the edge of the dunes. Catch-and-release will help us better observe creatures up close, and we’ll create field guides and fish prints to record for all time the species we find.

Wizardry for Muggles | July 23-27
Immersed in the imaginative world of Harry Potter, we’ll spend this week discovering the unique magical powers that we may not even know we possess. We’ll find creatures that can teach us the art of transfiguration, hunt for sorcerer’s stones on the beach, track giants in the enchanted forest, and play energetic games of Quidditch on the bowling green. Working with our teammates to outwit the competition, we’ll learn to become true wizards and capture the Cup!

Around the World in a Week! | July 30-August 3
The Crane Estate has been divided into a world of many lands. Each day presents the opportunity to explore a different country, but there are problems and pitfalls along the way that must be solved before the journey can continue! A variety of tasks, determined by the country you are in, must be accomplished before traveling on. How long will it take you to get around the world of Crane?

CSI: Crane Scene Investigators | August 6-10
A mystery is brewing on Castle Hill. We have only a week to figure out the facts of the case, so bring your detective skills and your sharpest powers of observation. Together we’ll search the property for clues to solve what could be the crime of the century!

Survival! Into the Wild! | August 13-17
Left to fend for ourselves in the wilds of the Crane Estate, we’ll need to work together to learn what it takes to survive. How can we find fresh water? Where can we build a shelter that will keep us dry? What is edible in this place? We’ll explore the tide pools, the dunes, and the Pine Grove to observe predator/prey dynamics up close, and test our chances of survival with tracking activities and camouflage games.

The Amazing Race Through Time and Space | August 20-24
This weeklong race across the Crane Estate property requires skill, stamina – and a knack for thinking out of the box. Transported back to the 1600’s on Day One, we’ll start the week in an Agawam summer camp along the shores of Steep Hill Beach. The 1700’s will bring us to the farming community on Choate Island; the 1800’s are full of adventures: the British fire on Castle Hill, a canal is built from Fox Creek to Chebacco River, and the famed “Summer of the Mittens” cools us off. The 1900’s bring the era of the Crane Family and the Roaring Twenties. Join us as we race through the centuries, and back to SummerQuest 2018 before the week ends!