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The Periwinkle, Plover, and Quester weekly programs are organized around themed Quests. Specific activities and challenges are tailored to age-appropriate levels, so while the overall Quest remains constant, the approach for each age group will be different. Each Quest provides a new reason to return! Please note that the new Stewards in Action Program has its own specific themes this year!

Registration opens February 1 for Members and February 8 for all. View the Camp Brochure >>

June 24 - 28: Around the World
The Crane Estate has been divided into a world of many lands. Each day presents the opportunity to explore a different country, but there are problems and pitfalls along the way that must be solved before the journey can continue. A variety of tasks, determined by the country you are in, must be accomplished before traveling on. How long will it take you to get around the world of Crane?  

July 1 - 5: Craniacs Go!
Celebrate America and the independence summer brings with activities that test brawn and brains! Teams will solve riddles, follow maps, answer questions, navigate obstacle courses, and compete in challenges that allow them to demonstrate their wit, creativity, strength, and sense of adventure. Everyone has something unique to offer, and teamwork will be the key to winning points. Camp will be closed on July 4, and rates for this week are adjusted accordingly.

July 8 - 12: Explore, Create, Inspire!
Nature’s beauty has inspired visitors to Crane Estate for a very long time, and parts of the estate have been featured in many works of art. There are countless views to be captured, colors to catalog, textures to explore, and sounds to experience. This week, campers will learn about the art that surrounds and fills the Great House, and will be encouraged to tap into their own creativity, making musical instruments to accompany dancing in the pine grove, writing poetry from the seat of a kayak, performing skits at the beach, and creating inspired visual artworks all week. We are all artists!

July 15 - 19: Superheroes of the Estate
Superpowers abound at the Crane Estate! This week we will see amazing feats of strength, demonstrations of superhuman flexibility, and survival in the harshest conditions. No, we’re not bringing in a circus, we’re discovering the ways the plants and animals that call these coastal habitats home have adapted to their environments, giving them superpowers that help them grow and thrive. Be prepared to explore unknown habitats, get up close and personal with wildlife, and observe incredible adaptations. Who knows, maybe you will discover your own superpowers while you’re at it!  

July 22 - 26: Master the Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
Ancient scientists believed all things came from one of four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. This week we will experiment with the characteristics of these four elements, and explore the ways they shape and structure the environments of the Crane Estate. We’ll investigate the power of tidal waters on the salt marsh, the plant-growing power of fire from the sun, traditional methods of wind propulsion, and how we can use these various energies to produce electricity to power our lives.

July 29 - August 2: Wizardry for Muggles
In this imaginative week inspired by the world of Harry Potter, we will explore the estate in a whole new way to discover magical properties unique to each of the five Cranesmeade Houses: Turkeyvale, Crabnova, Clamdor, Hermclaw, and Hawksridge. From experimenting with potions, hunting horcruxes, and observing the art of Transfiguration to tracking magical creatures and playing lively games of Quidditch, this week will be one new adventure after another. Working together with our teammates, we’ll solve puzzles and complete challenges in pursuit of the coveted Cranesmeade Cup!

August 5 - 9: Survival: Into the Wild
This week we find ourselves lost far from civilization in a wild coastal landscape. We will need to work together to find fresh water, build a shelter, and find food to eat. Will we have what it takes to survive? We’ll explore the untamed coast to learn the secrets of survival, blaze a trail through the uncharted forests to test our tracking and mapping skills and use games and crafts to unlock the art of camouflage. Can you help your team make it out alive?

August 12 - 16: CSI: Crane Scene Investigators
Are you a super-sleuth? A mystery is brewing on Castle Hill, and all hands are needed to figure it out. We have only a week to figure out the facts of the case, so bring your detective skills and your sharpest powers of observation and analysis. Together we’ll search the property for clues to uncover what could be the crime of the century.

August 19 - 23: Marine Mania
Have you ever wondered if anything lives in the sand at the beach, or what kinds of fish and other animals call Crane Estate home? This week we will make full use of our perfect position on the Great Marsh and legendary Crane Beach to dive into the study of ecology – how animals and plants live in their environment. Using the same tools and skills as professional scientists, we will discover new things every day and help protect the coastal areas we love while having fun outside.