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Submitted by The Davis family on: June 4, 2016
We did the Pinnacle Quest at Appleton Farms Grassrides this morning. Following the clues was so much fun, but unfortunately the box at the end had been vandalized. Log book was damp, stamp was missing, and box was filled with dead leaves and insects. Oh least we had a wonderful time on the journey! (But it would be great to think that these quest boxes are checked up on periodically and repaired/replaced as needed).

Submitted by Quest Heads on: May 25, 2014
2nd time attempting to find the treasure at GRIFFIN’S PERCH Quest. It shouldn't be this difficult. Where the heck is the treasure hidden? Someone...anyone a little help.

Submitted by fifi on: April 21, 2013
whats sad is that when we finished the quest we didn't get a stamp!

Submitted by QuestNewbies on: July 25, 2012
Just completed the Bird Park Quest today with my two sons. Lots of fun finding the eleven bridges and many interesting clues. Found the treasure box, but the stamp was gone, so we could not stamp our book :( Still had a great time though!

Submitted by Phimi Boys on: July 14, 2012
We had SO MUCH fun on the Bradley Estate Quest. There is a frog pond that looks empty as you walk by. Look closer and the pond is ALIVE with frogs. Hundreds of them. My kids couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. Bring bug spray.

Submitted by Questkids on: June 26, 2012
The first quest we went on was in Rochester, MA. We had a great time, but were temporarily lost here and there. My children were very excited to find the treasure. When we found the box it opened and were disappointed to NOT find a treasure. The second quest we went on was in Canton, Ma and low and behold no treasure here either. We still had a wonderful time, but please leave a treasure. All in all a very good time!

Submitted by Dannyv79 on: May 28, 2012
We spent a great deal of time at griffins perch looking for the treasure but the hints were not as clear as the Appleton farms quest and we left empty handed. This is a great adventure and we love doing the quests, we would like to ask for improved hints for griffins perch. "continue down the lane" and "beneath the hedge" we're too vague. Thanks and keep up the good work and fun adventures.

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