Massachusetts Land Conservation Conference 2013

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Online registration is now closed - walk-ins are welcome.  Attendee fee is $62.  Bring your own lunch, and no discounted admission applies. Contact Delaney Meeting & Event Management (802.865.5202)

Payment, contact Delaney Meeting & Event Management (802.865.5202)

Canceling, contact Delaney Meeting & Event Management (802.865.5202)

Volunteering, contact Josiah Richards (978.840.4446 x1905)

Workshops, contact Miriam Scagnetti (978.840.4446 x1935) 

Exhibit Space, contact Charles Knox (978.443.2233)

MLTC Membership, contact Kathy McGrath (978.443.2233)

Trustees Membership, contact Lynn Ellen Smith (978.921.1944 x1860)

Other, contact Josiah Richards (978.840.4446 x1905)