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Spring into Action!

pink peony flower at Naumkeag garden

Spring is on and the great outdoors is beckoning! Time to head on out and enjoy the warmer temps, fresh blooms, fantastic trails, and more. Here are 11 things to get you started...

1. GET YOUR GARDEN GOING. Now's the time to dig in and wake up your yard and garden! Here are some handy tips on what to do this time of year from our expert at Long Hill.

2. RELAX AND GO EASY. Ease into the outdoors with fun and easy walks at places like Bird Park, Field Farm, Copicut Woods, and North Common Meadow. These flat trails are perfect for little legs – and there’s lots to see for kids and adults. Got tykes in strollers? East Over Reservation, World’s End, Appleton Farms, and Lowell Holly are especially friendly for tot-toting parents with strollers.

3. CELEBRATE GORGEOUS GARDENS. May 10, 2013 is National Public Gardens Day, so why not take a stroll through the gardens at Naumkeag, Long Hill, or Stevens-Coolidge Place? You're sure to feel relaxed, inspired, and refreshed, with the gorgeous buds and blooms a feast for all the senses.

4. HAVE FUN ON A FARM. Each of The Trustees’ community farms has its own particular flavor. Visit our newest CSA at Moose Hill Farm, meet the cows and buy our very own milk and cheese at Appleton, see our fresh veggies growing at Powisset and Moraine, and visit the lambs and chickens at Weir River Farm – and that’s just the start.

5. PITCH A TENT. Check out our new campground by the ocean: Dunes' Edge in Provincetown! Or, plan your adventure by the lake at Tully Lake Campground in Royalston.

6. BAG A PEAK. Massachusetts may not boast many high peaks, but there are a few that will get your heart pumping (like our 1,642-foot Monument Mountain). Think about going long instead and trek one of the long-distance trails that wind through the state, from the 22-mile Tully Trail to the 114-mile New England Scenic (Metacomet-Monadnock) Trail.

7. FIND YOUR QUEST. Our self-guided, rhyming treasure hunts are a great way to get reluctant kids off the couch and into the outdoors – check out our Quest Detective booklet.

8. MAKE A SPLASH. Don’t let spring showers keep you inside. Grab the galoshes and puddle jump your way across your favorite property. Bartholomew’s Cobble and Ravenswood Park have fun visitor’s centers where you can dry off and check out cool nature displays.

9. DIG IN & LEND A HAND. It feels good to give back, especially to the places you love (like your favorite Trustees property!). Help out for a few hours or make a longer commitment. You can find lots of options here.

10. GET LIT(ERARY). Our reservations have provided inspiration for some of America’s most celebrated literary luminaries. From Emerson’s transcendental sojourn at the Old Manse to Bryant’s boyhood haunts in Cummington to Melville’s mental-block-relieving hike up Monument Mountain, create your own connections to these spectacular literary landscapes.

11. GO FLY A KITE. Learning how to fly a kite is one of the simple joys of childhood (and adulthood, too!). Get out to places with big sky and wide open fields like Bird Park, Ward Reservation, Dexter Drumlin, and Pope John Paul II Park – and let the wind do the rest!