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Appleton Farms
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Appleton Farm Camp will introduce your children to our working farm through fun, engaging, and educational activities. Farm Camp is divided into four groups based on age; Little Peeps, Sprouts, Farmhands, and Foragers. Each group will take part in a wide variety of age-appropriate farm experiences from hands-on cooking lessons in the farm kitchen; to caring for our sheep, goats, bunnies, and pigs; to helping maintain our Learning Garden filled with veggies, flowers, and herbs grown by and for our campers.

Farm Camp will run for 5 days each week for 7 weeks. Our young campers have a choice of half day (9AM-12PM) or full day (9AM-3PM) depending on their age, while our older campers (age 7 and up) will spend the full day on the farm and end their day at 3PM.

At 9AM, we ring our morning cow bell and our gaggle of mini farmers will wave goodbye to moms, dads, and caregivers to assess the list of farm tasks, activities, and games that will make up our day of farm fun. Once we have our assignments, we are off and running.  Our Farmhands may head to the garden to see what they can harvest for their kitchen experiments, while our Little Peeps and Sprouts may head to the barnyard to help feed the bunnies, goats, and sheep.  The Foragers may be off to check on their rain collection system that feeds the education garden, or get to work building cold frames for our fall seedlings. We’ll all enjoy a snack during our morning activity then say goodbye to our Little Peeps at 12pm.  Afternoons are filled with camper choices of cooking, hiking, crafting, animals, and more!

A sample of afternoon activities:

Farm Olympics
Always a hit- an afternoon filled with relays, races, and friendly competition.  All traditional and all fun. try the hay bale obstacle course, boot toss, water fetch, tug-o-war, egg and spoon race, or chicken round-up. 

Crazy Kitchen Concoctions
Who doesn’t love to make a concoction in the kitchen? We’ll harvest our all-edible ingredients and head to the kitchen for some baking, juicing, chopping, and mixing. Taste testing and a friendly vote for Concoction Conqueror by afternoon’s end.

Barnyard Buddies
For our campers who just can’t get enough of our barnyard friends. Eager beavers can help with chores and our cuddling companions can relax on a hay bale with their favorite bunny, chicken, or barnyard buddy.

Chores Galore
If our morning routine didn’t tire you out, we’ve always got things to do for those who love to lend a hand. Bucket washing, egg collecting, goat brushing, or helping with the afternoon feeding is in store for our chores galore group.

Flower Fields Bouquet Making
Head to the flower fields for bouquet making! Our bouquets will be sold in the dairy store and decorate our Friday Farm Dinner tables.

Adventure to the Wild Side
What’s beyond the farmstead you ask? We’ll head to the Appleton Farms Grass Rides, meeting our beef herd in the Great Pasture along the way. We’ll learn about the birds, owls, insects, and mammals that call these forests home.

Creative Crafting, Farm Style
Nature and the farm fields offer unlimited materials for crafting. We’ll have a different craft each day for those who desire plus a table full of supplies for those who like to take their own path. Creativity, invention, and inspiration abound when inspired by nature.

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