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Kitchen at Boston Public Market SummerQuest 2015 Gardening Crane Beach
Boston Public Market - Kitchen Classes & Events
Ongoing, Year-round
The Kitchen @ Boston Public Market
Boston Region

Boston Public Market is the nation’s first permanent year-round market to feature all local vendors and partners, and provides fresh, healthy, locally-sourced food to consumers of all income levels. The Trustees are the Programming Partner for BPM’s 3,200 square foot, state-of-the-art demonstration space, The Kitchen. We have invited a diverse group of culinary, health, and wellness partners to develop a selection of daily classes, workshops, and events designed to highlight culinary experts, traditions, and local food production while inspiring healthy and creative cooking.
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Summer 2015 - Register Now
The Crane Estate

Each week, our campers embark on a quest to understand the world around them – and, in turn, learn a little more about themselves. Every day is an adventure, an exploration, an expedition. Campers and staff alike are encouraged to think of themselves as characters in an unfolding drama. The power of sharing the same story makes for a richer (and more memorable) experience for all. And while quests are ultimately about having fun, our dedication to place-based, experiential learning is there too, hiding in plain sight.
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Seed, Sow, & Grow
Spring & Summer
Boston Region

Seed, Sow & Grow brings people together for skill-building workshops and events at City Natives in Mattapan and throughout Boston.
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Crane Beach Parking Permits
Crane Beach
Summer will be here before you know it (really, it will), Order your Crane Beach Parking Permit today!