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Rainy Days

Bartholomew's Cobble: Wildflowers and ferns

Even on rainy days, Trustees properties can make a dull day brighter. Visit one of these properties (which feature either historic houses or natural shelter) for a memorable excursion with your friends or family, rain or shine!

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich
Tour this grand, early-20th century seaside estate and discover how the Crane family lived in style, against a dramatic Atlantic Ocean backdrop. And don’t let the weather keep you from continuing your journey outdoors along four miles of trails around the estate and along Crane Beach.

Long Hill, Beverly
Bring your rain gear and enjoy a self-guided tour through the five acres of beautifully cultivated grounds at Long Hill. Impressive gardens are laid out in a series of outdoor "rooms" surrounding the house. Then amble under a canopy of trees along woodland trails ideal for families.

Old Manse, Concord
Once the home of both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne, this National Historic Landmark includes a collection of original furniture, books, and as well as architectural features preserved over 200 years. Pack an umbrella and follow a short footpath to the North Bridge, scene of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World.”

Rock House Reservation, West Brookfield
Formed by glaciers and used by Native Americans as a winter camp, the “Rock House” is an exciting place for children (of all ages) to explore. This cave-like shelter is just a short walk from the parking lot; a trail leads to a rustic cabin/nature center overlooking Carter Pond.

Mission House, Stockbridge
Located on Main Street in Stockbridge, this historic home was built by Reverend John Sergeant, the first missionary to the Stockbridge Mohicans. Take shelter from the raindrops with a family-friendly tour of the restored 18th-century house and visit the adjacent Indian museum to understand the story of the Mohicans.

Bartholomew’s Cobble, Sheffield
Showers help nourish more than 800 species of plants along five miles of trails at this National Natural Landmark. Learn more about the spectacular variety of the reservation’s flora and fauna at the visitor center, which boast a natural history collection including stuffed birds and mammals!