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Tyringham Cobble: kids hiking in field

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Find a Reservation Near You
We have special places in more than 70 communities across the state.

Historic Houses
Explore the history of Massachusetts at our nine historic house museums.

Experience places of serence elegance and wild beauty.

Stay with Us
Stay at a unique inn or camp under the stars.

Cool Down on the Water
Whether you seek a placid paddle across a quiet pond or a livelier trip along a tide-driven river, chances are you’ll find the perfect experience at one of our reservations.

Cross-Country Ski Spots
With winter upon us, now’s the perfect time to visit a Trustees reservation where sliding is a downhill delight. So bundle up, head out, and let the snow – and gravity – guarantee a good time.

Early Spring Migrants
As spring gets under way, millions of birds will be winging their way back north after spending the winter in Central and South America and the Caribbean. It just so happens that Trustees properties are some of their favorite haunts.

First Hikes
Whether taking a quick break from a busy day or spending a leisurely afternoon, hiking is an easy and fun way for you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Interested in getting started? Visit these Trustees properties, where the hiking is as easy as a walk in the park.

First Peoples
For centuries, indigenous peoples dwelt on Massachusetts landscapes now shared by Trustees properties. From the Wampanoag and Mashpee in the southeast to the Mohican in the Berkshires, the cultural impact of these tribes and others across the Commonwealth still resonates with visitors today.

Foliage Favorites
With more than 100 special places to choose from, we’re sharing just a handful of spots where you can take in an eyeful of glorious color this fall.

Gorgeous Gorges
Waterfalls are the sensory delights of the natural world: We marvel at their dramatic plunges, hear them roar and hiss, sometimes even feel their cooling mist. You’ll experience waterfalls in all their varied wonder at more than a half-dozen Trustees properties in north-central and western Massachusetts.

Late Spring Migrants
Migrant bird species reaching Massachusetts later in the spring are not tardy – they often time their return from the south to the emergence of certain insects that supply sustenance and to the greening of trees, shrubs, and grasslands for habitat and camouflage.

Leaf-Peeping Destinations
Check out these picks for best leaf peeping spots across Massachusetts.

There’s something about lighthouses – lifesaving beacons, standing lonely and beautiful on rugged coasts and rocky islands – that draws the love of visitors everywhere.

Literary Landscapes - The Language of Nature
Esteemed writers once inhabited what are now Trustees historic houses, and trod the supporting grounds across three centuries. Make your own connection to these literary landscapes and discover the cultural (and social) worlds that provided both inspiration and relaxation.

Low Carb(on) Adventures
You don’t have to have a car to enjoy Trustees properties. And, even if you do, why not save gas and fuel emissions by leaving it at home?

Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Discover the long-distance trails that wind through our backyard.

Paddle (and Picture) Perfect
Seeking an escape to real estate that offers lots of room – and river views? Check out these jewels on the Charles.

Picnic Spots
Broad lawns. Stone walls. Shade trees. Serene ponds. Find your picnic basket and outdoor utensils, then check out these special places to dine al fresco – no reservations required!

Sledding Favorites
With winter upon us, now’s the perfect time to visit a Trustees reservation where sliding is a downhill delight. So bundle up, head out, and let the snow – and gravity – guarantee a good time.

Stroller-Friendly Trails
Strollers are good options for families with children not quite ready to explore the outdoors on foot. But both traditional strollers and the high-tech, state-of-the-wheel versions now available still work best on good trail surfaces.

Splish Splash - Find a Place to Swim
From miles of sandy beach to that perfect little swimming hole, The Trustees have just the place to cool down this summer. Here are a few of our favorite places to splash about in Massachusetts.

Tracing History
In many ways, the history of Massachusetts flows through Trustees properties. Visit these reservations, each with its own connection to evolution of the Commonwealth. Then add your own favorite portals to our collective past!

Views that are Worth the Hike
Standing atop a hill and taking in a wide-open vista can be a breathtaking experience. It also gives us a landscape-level impression of place. Sometimes, you have to work a little hard to get there, though. We promise, these views are worth the trek.

Winter Wildlife
Trustees reservations are pure magic under a mantle of white – silent, mysterious, and still. But this doesn’t mean the natural world is asleep under its snow blanket! Explore these winter wonderlands and search for cold-weather signs of animals that say, Here I am.