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The Trustees of Reservations invite you to get out and explore Massachusetts. Go relax on the beach, bike through the woods, have a picnic in the park, or run the kids around until they’re exhausted.

Early Spring Migrants
They’re back! The early birds, that is. As spring gets under way, millions of birds will be winging their way back north after spending the winter in Central and South America and the Caribbean. It just so happens that Trustees properties are some of their favorite haunts.
Hike Best First Hikes
Whether taking a quick break from a busy day or spending a leisurely afternoon, hiking is an easy and fun way for you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Interested in getting started? Visit these Trustees properties, where the hiking is as easy as a walk in the park. 

Royalston Falls Gorgeous Gorges
Waterfalls are the sensory delights of the natural world: We marvel at their dramatic plunges, hear them roar and hiss, sometimes even feel their cooling mist. You’ll experience waterfalls in all their varied wonder at more than a half-dozen Trustees properties in north-central and western Massachusetts.

Literary Landscapes
Esteemed writers once inhabited what are now Trustees historic houses, and trod the supporting grounds across three centuries. Make your own connection to these literary landscapes and discover the cultural (and social) worlds that provided both inspiration and relaxation.

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