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Saturday, May 19


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Stockbridge, MA

Directions to Naumkeag

Family Fun, History, Art & Culture, Gardens & Gardening

Home Sweet Home at Naumkeag

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Home Sweet Home - The Art of the Garden: Inspiration Grows Here

Celebrate The Trustees’ public gardens, a living documentary of Massachusetts horticulture and design traditions. Many of these gardens are part of the landscapes of Trustees historic sites, the former homes of historical figures, literati, titans of industry, political leaders, artists and more and span a 300-year timeline from the Colonial Era to the Modern Movement. 

Come experience all the beauty, history, and unique stories contained within each home, as well as the exquisitely designed gardens and stunning natural landscapes. Special tours, gardening and family-friendly activities and refreshments will be offered.

Home Sweet Home takes place Saturday, May 19 from 10AM-4PM at ten Trustees historic sites for FREE. Visit www.thetrustees.org/homesweethome for more details.

Home Sweet Home at Naumkeag: 

10AM – 4PM  Self-Guided House Tours – Wander through the rooms of this Gilded Age “cottage” at your own pace. Trained guides will answer your questions and point out the gems of this comfortable home.  Enter house from the Back Terrace 

10:00 – 3:00  Monarch butterfly Seed Bomb Special - Get down in the dirt and make a seed “bomb” to take home and throw into your garden or a field nearby. The seeds will grow into milkweed, a favorite food of Monarch butterflies.

11:00 – 2:00  Greetings from the Garden - Choose from a selection of ferns and garden greens to create gift tags and greeting cards by making leaf prints on seed-filled paper.

11:30  Greenhouse Tour - Check out our new greenhouse!! Naumkeag Horticulturist Eric Ruquist will show you how to start a cutting garden from seed, and share the plans for this year’s Flower Farm at Naumkeag.

1:30 Chinese Garden Tour – In a time when women fought for independence and the right to vote, Mabel Choate traveled their world, living in China, hiking the Khyber Pass, and bringing home objects and philosophies from across Asia. Join Trustees Curator Mark Wilson to hear how this unusual walled garden came to be in the Berkshires.

10:00 – 4:00  Snack concessions - in the Welcome Center

NOTE: The property is not wheelchair accessible and touring the house and property involves climbing stairs and walking on paths that are sometimes hilly and/or uneven. 

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