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51. Least Wanted: stiltgrass

(File; Mon May 14 11:36:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDJapaMicrostegiumvimineumLeastUnwanted for: Crowding out and replacing native understoryand wetland plants.Plant Type: Annual grass 1-3 ft tall that forms dense mats. L eaveshave a white reflective stripe and are smooth or sl ightly...

52. Least Wanted: swallow-wort

(File; Mon May 14 11:37:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDInfestationFlowering stemsBlack or Pale Swallow-wortsCynanchum louiseae or C.rossicumUnwanted for: Infesting forested & open areas, displacing nativ eplants, poisoning butterflies, reducing wildlife ha bitatPlant Type: Vine wit...

53. Least Wanted: tree of heaven

(File; Mon May 14 11:37:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDFlowersTree of HeavenAilanthus altissimaBarkUnwanted for: Rapid growth & prolific reproduction thatdisplaces native vegetation & colonizes disturbed a reas. Willresprout after being cut, through root sprouts.Plant Type: A s...

54. Least Wanted: water chestnut

(File; Mon May 14 11:38:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDFruitsFlowering stemsFloating matWater ChestnutTrapa natansUnwanted for: Covering lakes and rivers, reducing light andoxygen for aquatic species, displacing food sources forwaterfowl, interfering with water recreationPlant Type: An...

55. Least Wanted: wild parsnip

(File; Mon May 14 11:39:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDFlowersWild ParsnipPastinaca sativaUnwanted for: Invading disturbed areas and forming densestands. Containing sap that causes intense burns/ra sh whenmakes contact with skin in sunlight.Plant Type: An herbaceous plant with a long, ...

56. Recipe: Back Yard (Tod Dimmick)

(File; Thu Jun 14 15:18:00 CDT 2012)

For the Back YardGRILLED SPICED CHICKEN, BLUEBERRY-FLAX CORNBREAD, & SALAD OF ROMAINE,APPLE, ARUGULA & TOASTED ALMONDSWhen it comes to eating on the back deck, the sky is the limit. You can bring goodies right from the grill,and ...

57. Recipe: Paddle (Tod Dimmick)

(File; Thu Jun 14 15:19:00 CDT 2012)

For the PaddleCAPRESE SANDWICHES & “PADDLE MIX” OF ALMONDS, PEANUTS, DRIED CHERRIES,APRICOTS & DARK CHOCOLATEA small dry sack or soft cooler holds the fixings for these sandwiches and fits up front in the boat, nextto the bug spr...

58. Recipe: Beach (Tod Dimmick)

(File; Thu Jun 14 15:18:00 CDT 2012)

For the BeachCHICKEN CAESAR SALAD POCKETS, GRAPES, MARINATED OLIVES, & DARK CHOCOLATEThis lunch balances a hot, dry place with cool & juicy treats. After an Italian-style picnic like this, CraneBeach might start to feel like the ...

59. Recipe: Hike (Tod Dimmick)

(File; Thu Jun 14 15:19:00 CDT 2012)

For the HikeMINI CHEESE PLATTER & CRUNCHY SALADIt’s a neat trick to make a light lunch that is easy and elegant at the same time.Trail-tested Crunchy Salad“Salad” is a matter of interpretation. This no-lettuce version makes good use ...

60. Youth Volunteer Waiver

(File; Mon Jun 18 11:22:00 CDT 2012)

Permission and Authorization Form and General Release(Please read this entire document before signing)I acknowledge that there are risks involved in my child’s participation as a volunteer with the Trusteesof Reservations, and I willingl...

Description: 6/2012

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