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41. Least Wanted: knotweed

(File; Mon May 14 11:28:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDJapanese KnotweedPolygonum cuspidatumUnwanted for: Infesting riverbanks & disturbed areas, displacin gnative plants, reducing wildlife habitatPlant Type: Perennial with hollow bamboo-like stems up to 10’tall. Plants spread by s...

42. Least Wanted: burning bush

(File; Mon May 14 11:29:00 CDT 2012)

WANTED“Wings” on stemsAutumn foliageWinged Burning BushEuonymus alatusUnwanted for: Forming dense thickets that displace native plants.Seeds dispersed by birds allow for wide distribution awayfrom original plantings.Plant Type: A deciduo...

43. Least Wanted: garlic mustard

(File; Mon May 14 11:30:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDFlowering stemsBasal leavesGarlic mustardAlliaria petiolataUnwanted for: Infesting natural areas, displacing native plants,poisoning butterflies, sterilizing soils & preventing treeseedling growth.Plant Type: Biennial herb with...

44. Least Wanted: bush honeysuckle

(File; Mon May 14 11:31:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDBush HoneysuckleLonicera morrowii, tartarica, x bella, maackiiUnwanted for: Infesting forested and open areas, displacingnative plants, reducing wildlife habitatPlant Type: Shrub with opposite oval leaves; bark is tan to g rayand s...

45. Least Wanted: Japanese honeysuckle

(File; Mon May 14 11:31:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDJapanese HoneysuckleLonicera japonicaUnwanted for: Killing young trees by wrapping around them.Forming dense mats in the canopies of trees, preven tingundergrowth. Outcompeting native vegetation.Plant Type: A semi-evergreen woody v...

46. Least Wanted: leafy spurge

(File; Mon May 14 11:32:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDLeafy SpurgeEuphorbia esulaUnwanted for: Releasing toxins that inhibit other plant growth.Ability to resprout from small root fragments. Aggressivelyinvading areas of open land.Plant Type: A perennial herb with alternate, lance sha...

47. Least Wanted: multiflora rose

(File; Mon May 14 11:33:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDRose hipsFringedleaf baseMultiflora roseRosa multifloraUnwanted for: Forming dense thickets and crowding out nativespecies. Infesting pastures and old fields.Plant Type: A shrub with arching stems and stiff, curved thorns.Dense clu...

48. Least Wanted: Norway maple

(File; Mon May 14 11:33:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDTar SpotsNorway MapleAcer platanoidesUnwanted for: Forming dense stands and out-competing nativevegetation, including sugar maples. Releasing chemi cals intosoil that prevents other plants from growing.Plant Type: A tree with grayi...

49. Least Wanted: Phragmites

(File; Mon May 14 11:34:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDInvasionFlowersPhragmites Phoragr mitCes aoustrmalismon ReedUnwanted for: Crowding out native speciesPlant Type: Large perennial light green to tan grass that formsdense colonies. Flower clusters are purplish to straw colored(nativ...

50. Least Wanted: purple loosestrife

(File; Mon May 14 11:35:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDPurple LoosestrifeLythrum salicariaUnwanted for: Forming dense stands that dominate wetlands andprevent native plant growth. Prolific seed production thatallows it to spread rapidly.Plant Type: A perennial, wetland herb with a squa...

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