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31. Monument Mountain Trail Map.pdf

(File; Tue Jan 10 14:01:00 CST 2012)

MONUMENT MOUNTAIN (503 ACRES)Route 7 n Great Barrington, Massachusetts413.298.3239 n westregion@ttor.org n www.thetrustees.orgLEGENDLEGENDTrustees PropertyTrustees PropertyP ParkingP Parking10 Foot Elevation Contour10 Foot Elevation Cont...

32. Tyringham Cobble Trail Map.pdf

(File; Tue Jan 10 14:05:00 CST 2012)

TYRINGHAM COBBLE (206 ACRES)SHAKERPOND20 Jerusalem Road n Tyringham, Massachusetts413.298.3239 n westregion@ttor.org n www.thetrustees.orgNbirdwatchingpicnickingwalking/hiking(strenuous)regionaltrail linkhuntingmountainbikingnotpermit...

33. Crane Estate Map

(File; Thu Jan 26 11:43:00 CST 2012)

34. Bradley Estate Floor Plan

(File; Thu Feb 23 14:35:00 CST 2012)


35. Land Use History of Cape Poge and Wasque (pdf)

(File; Fri May 04 11:33:00 CDT 2012)

1LAND-USE HISTORY OF CAPEPOGE AND WASQUEJoseph Capece, Restoration EcologistThe Trustees of Reservations, Islands Regional OfficeP. O. Box 2106, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568May 28, 2001Third PrintingCopyright  2001 The Trustees of Reservati...

36. WISP Landowners Invasive Guide

(File; Fri Nov 04 13:24:00 CDT 2011)

ALANDOWNER’SGUIDEto Invasive Plant ManagementWISPWestfield River WatershedInvasive Species PartnershipThe Importanceof ManagingInvasive SpeciesAs a landowner, it is important to manageinvasive plants in order to preserve ournative plants...

37. Least Wanted: Autumn olive

(File; Mon May 14 11:25:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDAutumn OliveElaeagnus umbellataUnderside of leafFlowersUnwanted for: Crowding out native vegetation and creatingstands of dense shade. Spreading widely due to effe ctive seeddispersal. Changing soil chemistry through nitrogen fixat...

38. Least Wanted: barberry

(File; Mon May 14 11:26:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDJapanese barberryBerberis thunbergiiUnwanted for: Infesting forested & open areas, displacingnative plants, altering soil chemistry, reducing wildlife foragePlant Type: Dense, spiny shrub growing to 8 ft. tall. Small paleyellow...

39. Least Wanted: bittersweet

(File; Mon May 14 11:26:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDOriental bittersweetCelastrus orbiculatusUnwanted for: Infesting forest gaps & open areas, strangling trees& causing branches to break due to weight, genetic swampingof native bittersweetPlant Type: Perennial vine with roun...

40. Least Wanted: buckthorn

(File; Mon May 14 11:27:00 CDT 2012)

WANTEDGlossy buckthornFrangula alnus, Rhamnus frangulaUnwanted for: Infesting forested & open areas, displacingnative plants, reducing wildlife habitat, poor wildlife foodPlant Type: Shrub or small tree with somewhat shiny leaves,con...