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21. Boston Sunday Globe - Reaping what they sow

(File; Fri Sep 16 15:08:00 CDT 2011)

22. Coskata-Coatue Woods Quest

(File; Tue Sep 20 14:12:00 CDT 2011)

8 At the water¹s edge note a pond on your right.Do not go that way and you’ll be all right.Look across the pond for 2 osprey poles which may h ave nestingosprey from April to September. Watch for the adult s in flight,bringing food back...

23. Damde Meadows salt marsh restoration guide

(File; Thu Nov 10 09:33:00 CST 2011)

Damde Meadows RestorationDamde MeadowsPrior to colonial settlement, the 15-acre Damde Meadowsbasin was a healthy salt marsh ecosystem. However, 300years of human manipulation have changed the sitesignificantly. Early colonists constructe...

24. Long Hill - How to - Compost

(File; Wed Dec 21 11:25:00 CST 2011)

POWER UP YOUR SOIL WITH COMPOSTCompost recycles the waste you create and reduces the amount of waste being diverted to landfills. Instead ofthrowing away your kitchen and yard scraps, save them! By adding compost to your garden, you’re g...

25. Long Hill - How to - Family food

(File; Wed Dec 21 11:26:00 CST 2011)

FOOD FOR A FAMILYEVERY TIME YOU EAT FROM YOUR GARDEN, YOU’RE HELPING RESHAPE THE FUTUREAGRICULTURE, THE ECONOMY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT.– Dawn Brighid, Organic GardeningGrowing your own organic food is healthy in more ways than one! Reduce ...

26. Long Hill - How to - Green Grass

(File; Wed Dec 21 11:27:00 CST 2011)

MAKE YOUR GRASS GREENTHE AVERAGE AMERICAN LAWN IS TREATED WITHFIVE TO TEN POUNDS OF PESTICIDE PER ACRE.Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides destroy naturally present beneficial organisms, making the grass moredependent on chemicals. But ...

27. Long Hill - How to - Sustainable Watering

(File; Wed Dec 21 11:26:00 CST 2011)

SUSTAINABLE WATERING TECHNIQUES1,000 LITERS OF WATER ARE WASTEDBY SPRINKLERS IN THE AVERAGE GARDEN PER HOUR.The easiest rain collection system to install is a rain barrel. Rain barrels capture water runoff from roofs andstore this water ...

28. Bartholomew's Cobble Trail Map.pdf

(File; Tue Jan 10 13:55:00 CST 2012)

BARTHOLOMEW’S COBBLE (329 ACRES)Weatogue Road n Ashley Falls, Sheffield, Massachusetts413.229.8600n n www.thetrustees.orgLoop around cobble 0.5 miFrom Ledges Trail, aroundSpero Trail and back 1.6 miUp Hulburt’s Hill a...

29. Field Farm Trail Map.pdf

(File; Tue Jan 10 13:57:00 CST 2012)

FIELD FARM (316 ACRES)Sloan Road * Williamstown, Massachusetts413.298.3239*413.458.3135 (guest house)*www.thetrustees.orgLEGENDGuestHousePrivateResidenceDiscoveryRoomPHay FieldspoolPondThe FollyBeaverMar shTo Route 7...

30. Monument Mountain Trail Map.pdf

(File; Tue Jan 10 14:01:00 CST 2012)

MONUMENT MOUNTAIN (503 ACRES)Route 7 n Great Barrington, Massachusetts413.298.3239 n n www.thetrustees.orgLEGENDLEGENDTrustees PropertyTrustees PropertyP ParkingP Parking10 Foot Elevation Contour10 Foot Elevation Cont...

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