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1. Ward Reservation Burn Unit Map

(File; Thu Feb 17 13:44:00 CST 2011)

PNWroaerrtsd h cArHinbildelod vBeru, rMn ASubunitsT1G2WardReservation02505001,000Aerial photography from MassGIS, 2008.Map created by The Trustees of Reservations, February 2011.T4T5Feet4Prospect RoadAndover and North Andover, MA 01810Te...

2. Weir Hill Burn Units Map

(File; Thu Feb 17 13:44:00 CST 2011)

PNWroeeritsr h cHAriinblldeod vBeru, rMn ASubunitsStevens StreetNorth Andover, MA 01845Telephone: 978.682.3580LakeCochichewickT8S4T7LEGENDT10G1T9T1G2T3T4StevensPondT202505001,000FeetAerial photography from MassGIS, 2008.Map created by Th...

3. Noanet Woodlands bike permit (fill-in year)

(File; Thu Mar 10 14:39:00 CST 2011)

NOANET WOODLANDS/HALE RESERVATIONAPPLICATION FOR MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDING PERMIT(PERMIT VALID UNTIL DECEMBER 31, ____________) Name [1]:___________________________ ____ ________________________________ (First) (M) (Last)Name [2]:__________...

4. Employment Application

(File; Mon May 23 13:10:00 CDT 2011)

personalemploymentapplicationThe Trustees of Reservations is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicantswill be considered without regard to age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, maritalstatus, ancestry, citizensh...

Description: Trustees Employment Application

5. 2010 MV Native Bee Summary

(File; Tue Jun 14 15:30:00 CDT 2011)


6. Fresh Eyes Field Survey 2011

(File; Fri Jul 08 15:57:00 CDT 2011)

FRESH EYES FIELD SURVEYThank you for participating in our survey! The dat a you gather will help The Trustees understand what visitorsexperience at a sample group of reservations statew ide. This is one of several ways we are assemblingi...

7. Mashpee River South Trail Map

(File; Thu Aug 11 11:26:00 CDT 2011)

MASHPEE RIVER RESERVATIONALEGENDTown Conservation LandRTE151PForestForested WetlandMarshTrailsRoads10 Foot Elevation ContourParkingSeptember 2010(SOUTH SECTION) AND MASHPEE RIVER WOODLANDSQuinaquisset Avenue n Mashpee, Massachusetts508.6...

8. Bart's Cobble Quest

(File; Tue Sep 06 15:41:00 CDT 2011)

Departing the Cobble-side would leave you bereft.At the gap in the fence look down the dirt road,Up from Connecticut came many a loadOf iron ore- part of Col. Ashley’s domainA forge, a store and mills- his to maintain.Bountiful crops Joh...

9. East Over Quest

(File; Tue Sep 06 15:42:00 CDT 2011)

East Over QuestEAST OVER RESERVATION, ROCHESTERCreated by the Bioreserve Youth CorpsTHE TRUSTEES OF RESERVATIONSEast Over Reservation is owned and cared for by TheTrustees of Reservations.We are over 100,000 peoplelike you who want to pr...

10. Eleanor's Quest for a Special Place

(File; Tue Sep 06 15:43:00 CDT 2011)

Eleanor’s Questfor a Special PlaceTHE ELEANOR CABOT BRADLEY ESTATE, CANTONTHE TRUSTEES OF RESERVATIONSWe are more than 100,000 people like you from everycorner of Massachusetts.We love the outdoors.We lovethe distinctive charms of New En...

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