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Appleton Farms Cheese Shop at Boston Public Market

Appleton Farms Cheese Shop

The Appleton Farms Cheese Shop at Boston Public Market is a boutique cheese and specialty product retail outlet and premier location for Massachusetts dairy and cheese. The shop showcases products from over 20 independently-owned cheesemakers and dairy farms from across the Commonwealth. Cheeses are accompanied by seasonal items from the region including locally-made jams, charcuterie, pickles and crackers.

Most notably, the Appleton Farms Cheese Shop carries dairy products from Appleton Farms, one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the country, maintained in perpetuity by The Trustees. Appleton Farms jersey cows graze out on pasture and are milked each morning and afternoon – their milk is used to make the highest-quality, non-GMO bottled milk, yogurt, and cheeses available. The Appleton Farms Cheese Shop sells a selection of Appleton products, including:

  • Whole Milk
  • 1% Milk
  • Full-fat Cream
  • Pinnacle Cheese – like a Swiss cheese, grassy, buttery
  • Sunset Hill Cheese – buttery, smooth, creamy
  • Goodhue Cheese – like a cheddar cheese, sharp, firm
  • Pickles
  • Tomato puree

Other Notable Cheeses & Charcuterie available at BPM:

  • Cricket Creek
  • Ruggles Hill
  • Great Hill
  • Mozzarella House
  • Couët Farm and Fromagerie
  • Grey Barn
  • New England Charcuterie
  • Grace Hill
Appleton Cheese

Why are The Trustees at BPM?

As a feature of its agricultural stewardship work across the Commonwealth, The Trustees was a founding member of Boston Public Market. The Trustees operate two properties at BPM.

  • Appleton Farms Cheese Shop
  • The KITCHEN at Boston Public Market, a 3,200 square foot demonstration kitchen and classroom which serves as the education center of the market

Trustees members get 10% off all Appleton Farms Cheese Shop products every day. Flash your membership card and get the VIP treatment or buy a membership onsite and receive 20% off that day.

Appleton Farms Cheese

We Deliver via Mercato!

Now you can have all your favorite local cheeses and snacks delivered to your home or office with Mercato. Go here to place your order. Mercato offers FREE delivery for your first order.

Cheese & Accoutrement Platters

Serve local cheese at your next event! We have cheese platters for all event sizes and budgets. Reach out to Ben at brigby@thetrustees.org for more information. You can pick it up from BPM or have it delivered via Mercato.

Local Cheese at your Restaurant

We will be offering our cheeses to chefs who want to celebrate the diversity and quality of Massachusetts artisanal cheese. Delivered directly to your kitchen through Mercato, chefs can make available hard to find local products. Reach out to Ben at brigby@thetrustees.org for more information.

Cheesemaking Clubs

Make your own cheese? Buy our fresh, non-GMO milk at the Appleton Farms Cheese Shop and get a discount. Reach out to Ben at brigby@thetrustees.org for more information.

Ben Rigby

Ben Rigby, Appleton Farms Shop Manager

Ben Rigby is long time survivor of the restaurant industry. He brings experience as a cheesemaker with Couët Farm and Fromagerie, extensive travels in the cheese worlds of Europe and Quebec, as well as a deep appreciation for cultural and environmental systems. He is dedicated to sustainability and in supporting the craft of Massachusetts and New England producers. Give Ben a shout for all your cheese needs: brigby@thetrustees.org.

Come visit the Shop and Try a Sample!

Appleton Farms Cheese Shop
Boston Public Market
100 Hanover Street, Boston

Monday to Thursday 10AM-8PM
Saturday 8AM-8PM
Sunday 10AM-6PM