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Reservations FAQs

Q: In the past when I get on it seems like all the good sites are already booked up right at the beginning, how is that possible?
A: It does seem incredible but there are hundreds of people trying to get on to get the sites they want, which are usually the waterfront sites on the weekends. They usually do fill up completely in the first hour, with most of them filling up in the first 20 minutes. Last year there were more than 40 reservations processed in the first few minutes, and there are only about 60 available water site weekends available per reservation section.

Q: What is the best way to guarantee that I will get a site?
A: If your plans are flexible, choose a weekday stay: you are more likely to get the site of your choice midweek, especially in June and July. If you are making weekend plans, have a first, second, and third choice in mind. If you’ve stayed before, then consider trying a different site from the one you may be used to. Each site is unique. If your dates are not flexible then choose an inland site during the first few minutes of reservations and you'll have a much better chance of getting the date you want, especially if you want more than one site.
Q: How can I reserve multiple sites?
A: If you don't see a two month calendar pop up, switch to "Quick Booking Search" which will switch you to that calendar. From there you select your starting date, departure date, and the number of sites you would like. On the next page you will be able to select the sites from the ones that are available. Once you go to the next page those sites will be locked in for 5 minutes while you fill out your billing information.
Q: How do I get to the page where I see which sites are still available over a two week period?
A: Switch the view to "Full Availability Search" and you will be able to peruse the calendar to see what days your favorite campsite  is available. At this time you cannot book multiple sites or access the membership discount from this search, you will have to go back to "Quick Booking Search"  to do that.
Q: Can I call to make reservations?
A: Unfortunately if we take reservations over the phone at the same time hundreds of people are online, it creates a situation that allows for double booking. So we cannot take reservations over the phone during the initial reservations rush each opening day. You may of course call if you don’t have access to the internet and we can enter it your information via our own internet for you. We would be accessing the same page as you so would have no advantage. If you have questions about sites or camping in general you are welcome to call or email as well, and we will get back to you within the day.
Q: Can I make a reservation by leaving a voicemail?
A: No, we can only take reservations either online or by phone. We will return messages in the order we receive them, but it may not be on the day the message is left.
Q: How will members be able to get their discount online?
A: Click here to enter your membership number – we will then provide you with the membership discount code. There will be a place to enter this number in the box labeled "Promo or Discount Code" when you are making your reservations. Type in the  number you are given and then you will be given an option to select the membership pricing which is 20% off.
Q: How do I get a group discount if reserving online?
A: Unfortunately, we can't set up the system to give the discounts for 3 or more sites, or for nonprofits online. We can do that over the phone, but not until after the first two days of the opening of reservations each week. If you are entitled to a discount, and reserve online we can refund you your discount later, or give you a credit equal to your discount to be used for firewood, ice, or boat rentals.
Q: Can I drive to Tully Lake to make reservations?
A: With the system online, everyone will have access to the same system the staff does, so it won’t get you in the system any faster. We may also be taking reservations from a different location.
Q: Why can’t members reserve campsites early?
A: Because we don’t own the campground, we are leasing it from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, our policies have to follow certain criteria. Their anti-discrimination policies prohibit us from allowing particular groups exclusive rights to accessing the property, which early reservations for members would effectively do.
Q: Do I have to pay with a credit card online?
A: Yes, the system won’t allow bookings without a credit card. If you want to send a check, or process your card over the phone rather than online, you may call the campground at 978.249.4957 to make reservations, but unfortunately we can't do that until at least the day after the opening rush.

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