Crane Beach Green Dogs Program

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Introducing: The Crane Beach Green Dogs Program

Crane Beach is The Trustees of Reservations’ most visited property and one of its most significant natural landscapes. People flock here year-round to play and relax in this magnificent place. For more than 50 years, we have welcomed dogs here, recognizing that our four-legged friends love to run and play here as much people do. But, we also recognize that not everyone pays attention to the rules when they walk their dog, and this has lead to increased tensions among visitors and to adverse impacts on property resources.

In order to address these issues, and ensure that Crane Beach continues to be a welcoming, comfortable, and healthy environment for all visitors – including dogs and their owners – The Trustees are pleased to announce the Crane Beach Green Dogs program. Similar to dog walking programs already in place at other Trustees properties, the Crane Beach program will provide visitor-friendly means for improved enforcement of the property’s rules and regulations. This will help to enhance public safety and resource protection, while also preserving a quality visitor experience. Dog walking will be permitted on the beach from October 1 through March 31.

A Leash-Free Zone for “Green” Dogs”:

As a “thank you” for dog walker’s compliance with the Green Dogs program, a portion of the beach to the left of the westernmost (town of Ipswich) boardwalk has been designated as a leash-free zone. There is clearly a demand for an area where dogs can run free. We hope that this leash-free zone will not only make for happier dogs, but, most importantly, result in fewer tensions on other areas of the beach, thus reducing the chance of conflicts with other visitors.

Please be sure to review the Crane Beach specific regulations before visiting.