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Coronavirus Update from The Trustees
Medfield Rhododendrons
metro-boston Medfield, MA
196 acres

This property is open during normal hours. The Trustees asks that visitors follow social distancing guidelines for the health and safety of all. Please note: all buildings and inside areas are remain closed on all properties. For more information about our response to COVID-19, please click here.

Approach with care this fragile habitat of rare Rosebay rhododendrons with care — here you can experience one of very few populations of this important species.

What makes Medfield Rhododendrons a special place?
Medfield Rhododendrons is the site of an important and rare stand of Rhododendron maximum, the great laurel or rosebay rhododendron, one of only three species of evergreen rhododendrons native to eastern North America.

Rosebay rhododendrons are most abundant in the southern Appalachian Mountains, where they form extensive thickets. In New England they reach their northernmost range. At the turn of the 20th century, this plant became popular for its showy flowers, and overcollecting in the wild nearly wiped out the species. Only seven known populations exist today, including this one, the largest and easternmost population of rosebay rhododendrons in Massachusetts. Please help protect this fragile site.

A quarter-mile trail leads from the Woodbridge Road parking area to the stand of rhododendrons. Easy walking, although wet underfoot.

When to Visit
Year-round, daily, sunrise to sunset. Allow a minimum of 1 hour. Blooming for this species typically occurs in late June.

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Advisory: Authorized bow hunting is allowed on portions of this reservation. See Regulations and Advisories at left for more information.

The trail is a public easement across private property. Please respect the privacy of neighbors.

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