Key to Symbols

The following symbols are used to provide information about access, activities, features, and facilities of each property:

Access Symbols

  Difficult Access   Off-Road Vehicles
  Mobility-Impaired Access   Public Transportation
  No Access    

Activity Symbols

  Bird Watching   Mountain Biking
  Camping   Mountain Biking Not Pemitted
  Canoeing / Kayaking   Picnicking
  Cross-country Skiing / Snowshoeing   Quest
  Dog Walking   Sailing / Boating
  Dog Walking Not Permitted   Swimming
  Fishing   Walking / Hiking (easy)*
  Guided Tours   Walking / Hiking (moderate)*
  Horseback Riding   Walking / Hiking (strenuous)*

*Note: Walking / hiking rating takes into account the overall difficulty of the terrain and grade of the trails for the average person. Keep in mind that some trails may be easier or more difficult than the rating suggests. Trail lengths include all footpaths and roadways within the reservation.

Features and Facilities Symbols

  Beach   Private Functions / Events
  Bed and Breakfast   Scenic Vista
  Gardens   Regional Trail Link
  Historic House or Structure   Restroom
  Lighthouse   Visitors Center