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Trustees reservations are pure magic under a mantle of white – silent, mysterious, and still. But this doesn’t mean the natural world is asleep under its snow blanket! Explore these winter wonderlands and search for cold-weather signs of animals that say, Here I am.

Copicut Woods, Fall River
This 516-acre mix of forest and wetlands is a portal to a preserve almost 10 times as large – the Southeast Massachusetts Bioreserve. You’ll discover plenty of open space to share with deer, rabbit, and coyote, all still active in this season.

Long Hill, Beverly
The vaunted gardens of this former summer country house are not in bloom, but the flower beds, shrubs, and trees that define the estate are always alive, and worth a visit. Observe chickadees, tufted titmice, and blue jays as they seek energy-rich berries and nuts.

Noanet Woodlands, Dover
Look for the single-file paw prints of a coyote crossing the snowy surface of the mill pond. Journey deep into the almost-700 acre reservation and you may watch a squirrel scamper up a tree or surprise a roosting wild turkey.

Bear Swamp, Ashfield
Follow the Beaver Brook trail just a short distance from the entrance to a pond that features a beaver lodge. From the Apple Valley overlook, watch for a red-tailed hawks sunning in a tree and gaze across an orchard field known to attract deer and bear.

Tully Lake Campground, Royalston
Enjoy an off-season exploration of the campground and lakeshore, where you might spy tracks of moose and coyote or the secretive bobcat or fisher. Look and listen for an owl’s hoot or the staccato thock-thock-thock of a woodpecker.

Tyringham Cobble, Tyringham
Examine the tracks of small mammals, including rabbits and weasels, emerging from Hop Brook on the property’s northeast border. Follow in the steps of coyote and stop to watch flitting chickadees on the loop trail through the cobble.


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