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Find tasty recipes that use local produce via our Powisset Farm recipe blog.

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We've been heading out to our farms to see what's growing – and to get ideas from our farmers about super tasty veggies and recipes that you absolutely must try this season. We've also been getting the scoop from our farmers about the fantastic questions you've been asking us on Facebook and Twitter.

Don't forget to check back in, as we'll be adding more throughout the season!


Thai Basil | Thai Basil Rice Pudding
Meet farmer Meryl, CSA Manager at Powisset Farm, and find out why she loves Thai basil and yummy Thai basil rice pudding.
Get the Thai basil rice pudding recipe >>

Eggplant | Eggplant & Bean Pasta Sauce

Meet farmer Amy, CSA Manager at Weir River Farm, and find out about the different varieties of eggplant...and get a tasty pasta sauce recipe.
Get the eggplant & bean pasta sauce recipe >>

'Flavorburst' Bell Pepper | Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Meet farmer Mel, City Harvest Farm Youth Corps Manager at the Bradley Estate, and find out about the delicious 'Flavorburst' bell pepper (not your regular ol' green bell) and a great idea for what to cook up with it.
Get the vegetarian stuffed peppers recipe >>


What's your real work week like? (For those of us dreaming of becoming farmers!) Find out >>

How do I know when to harvest my corn? Find out >>

When there's no rain, how do you water the fields? Find out >>

Are there plant combinations that help protect plants from insects?
Find out >>

How do I prepare my garden for winter? Find out >>

We've got lots more questions from you, so stay tuned for the answers!

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