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Powisset Farm - CSA Member Info


We want to make sure that, as a member, you have the most positive experience you can of our CSA! So, here's everything (we hope!) you need to know to get the most out of your share this season.

Please enter the farm by the entrance next to the big gray barn. Then park immediately on your left along the side of the barn. If all spaces are taken, please park along the right side of the driveway on the grass. Please exit the farm to the left, passing the pond and up the small hill out to Powisset Street.

CSA Distribution times
Tuesdays | 2:30–6:30PM
Thursdays | 10:30AM–6:30PM
Saturday | 10AM–2PM

Please choose one of these days to come. You do not have to commit to the same day every week; you may choose any one of the three days during the week. However, you may only come once during the week. (Our week begins on Tuesday and ends on Saturday.)

If you cannot come to pick up your share you may send a friend, family member, neighbor, etc to come in your place. Just have your guest/substitute give us your name when they come to pick up the veggies.

The distribution occurs in the big gray barn – around the back side facing the fields. Please check in with a crew member or volunteer when you get to the distribution area. They will also be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

We do not be provide plastic or paper bags, so please bring your own bags. We also encourage you to recycle your bags here at the distribution area.

We will harvest most of the produce that you will receive for you. But, you may also take home a small amount of "pick-your-own" produce. We have a field set aside for pick-your-own. There you'll find a small bulletin board with information on what to pick, how much to pick, and how to pick these items. Pick-your-own crops include peas, beans, herbs, flowers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, tomatillos, & hot peppers.

You'll find scissors, pint containers, and rubber bands for your use out in the pick-your-own field. Please use caution and care when walking out in the fields. Stay in the pathways between the vegetable beds, and be sure to follow all directions when picking crops and flowers. A first aid kit is available in the greenhouse if you need it, or notify a crew member and they will assist you. If you are allergic to bees, please bring all necessary medicine as there are bees out in the fields.

Please do be aware of where your children are at all times out in the fields. There will be work going on in the fields when you come to pick-your-own, and often we will be on the tractor.

If you are physically unable to get out into the fields to pick-your-own, please let us know and we will pick those crops for you.

Electric fence
We maintain an electric deer fence around both of our fields. This fence will be off during distribution times, but please be aware that if you come and visit the farm on other days, the fence will likely be ON.

Are we organic?
We follow all organic farming practices, though we are not certified organic. We invite you to talk with us about our sustainable farming practices.

Shared risk and Shared Reward
In a CSA we, as farmers and shareholders, share in the risk and reward of farming – if we have an amazing year for onions, we’ll all share in that bounty; if it’s a challenging year for onions, we will all get a little less. 

Split shares
We only sell full shares here at Powisset Farm. If you would like to share a share with another person or family, we encourage you to do so, but you must arrange to pick your share up all at once. Some people may choose to alternate weeks with their share partner. Other people may choose to meet at the farm to pick up the share together. Please work these details out with your share partner. There should be a primary shareholder and you should use that person’s name when checking in at the distribution barn.

Do we ever cancel?
The only time that we would cancel a distribution would be due to an electrical storm. If we cancel we will leave a message on our office phone (508.785.0339), and you can call on that day to check the status of the distribution. 

We do not cancel on holidays. The distribution days will always be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and will happen even on holidays.

Meat and Pork
We will be selling grass-fed beef this season along with other naturally produced meats from local growers. We are also raising our own pigs this year at the farm, and will be offering pork in late September. All meat and pork is available at the distribution area, and can be purchased with the crew member or volunteer distribution coordinator.

Please say hi to our Powisset Farm pigs and chickens, but refrain from feeding or touching them, unless you are with a Powisset Farm crew member.

No dogs are allowed at Powisset farm. They are permitted at Noanet Woodlands across the street if you would like to enjoy a walk with them before or after picking up your share.

Farm Communication
Just like us farmers, we know that you are busy people, so we try not to overwhelm you with information from the farm. Each week you will be emailed a link to the newest entry on the farm blog, which will update you on happenings in the field, what to expect in your share for that week, and any relevant information on farm events, gatherings or special notices. 

Each week when you come to pick up your produce from the farm, you will have a chance to connect with a member of our farm crew, or talented volunteer. This will give you an opportunity to check in with someone about the vegetables, the fields, or anything about your share in general.   

Powisset Farm Recipe Blog
Please check out (and add to!) our Powisset Farm Recipe Blog for great recipes and other news!

We're located at 37 Powisset Street, Dover, MA 02030

From Dover Center: Take Walpole Street out towards Westwood.  Follow for about 2 miles, and take a left onto Powisset Street.  We are about 300 yards down on the right.  Turn in using the entrance immediately adjacent to the large gray barn.

Contact Information
Andrew Kelly, CSA Manager:
CSA Coordinator, Sarah Kelly,

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