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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a creative economic model that connects consumers to local farmers and local farmers to a reliable market. Through a mutual commitment, farmers and shareholders join forces to create a regional, sustainable food supply that preserves local farmland at the same time.

2020 Summer Shares are all sold out. Please sign up for our wiating list.

Powisset Farm CSA offers fresh, local produce at a price comparable to supermarket costs. Yet, CSA is about more than just vegetables. It's based on trust among shareholders, the farmers they come to know, and the land from which we all eat. It encourages us to eat “in season” and to prepare meals from what is available from the farm that week. CSA also connects children – and adults – to agricultural cycles and provides invaluable opportunities for the hands-in-the-dirt experiences that we all crave. Finally, in sharing the risk of each growing season with the farmers, shareholders can intimately appreciate the rewards of the harvest, season after season.

In short, CSA promotes and supports environmental stewardship and responsibility, a local farming economy, and individual health.

Purchasing a CSA share is like purchasing a subscription to vegetables!

Our CSA members have committed to getting most of their vegetables for the season from Powisset Farm. In the spring they purchase their share, which provides the farm with funds to purchase seeds, fix equipment, and hire a farm crew.  Then, from the first week of June to mid-October, members come to the farm to pick up their “share” of the harvest. 

In a CSA we, as farmers and shareholders, share in the risk and reward of farming – if we have an amazing year for onions, we’ll all share in that bounty, if it’s a challenging year for onions, we will all get a little less. 

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