Trustees Meat CSA

For a second year, sustainably-raised, grass-fed and pastured meats from Trustees farms are available from The Trustees Meat Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSA shares include beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. An add-on option for eggs is also available. The CSA runs from November through May. CSA shares are still available, and signups through December will be able pick up any missed shares by mutual arrangement! Sign up now to reserve your share!

Participating in the Meat CSA helps support Trustees farms and a strong local food system. Top-quality livestock are raised on the preserved open pastures and oak forests of Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough, Moose Hill Farm in Sharon, Powisset Farm in Dover, Katama Farm in Edgartown, and Weir River Farm in Hingham. Our practices — good for the land — produce healthy, delicious meat!

How Does The Trustees Winter Meat CSA Work?
Meat CSA members pre-pay for a “share” of meat. Each pickup will include 7 lbs. of frozen meat—cuts will vary, ranging from steaks to ground beef, chops to sausage, as well as chicken. Choose the frequency that best suits your needs: every-other-week or once-a-month, beginning the week of November 7 and running through the week of May 22. Shares total either 105 pounds (every-other-week share) or 49 pounds (once-a-month share) of meat. All meat is frozen and the cuts vary each pickup. There is an option of adding one dozen free-range eggs to your pickup.

We will share cooking tips and recipes each week and hope to provide CSA members with a chance to try some new and adventurous meals while accommodating the supper-time realities of everyday life!

How Much Does The Trustees Winter Meat CSA Cost?
Meat CSA shares are available at a modest discount from our retail prices. Every-other-week shares cost $1,100 (average of $10.48/lb); once-a-month shares are $550 (average of $11.22/lb). Egg shares are also discounted from our regular price: $90 for every-other-week shares ($6/doz) and $45 for once-a-month shares ($6.43/doz).

When and where do I pick up my Trustees Winter Meat CSA share?
Pickup at the farm most convenient to you:

  • Appleton Farms, Ipswich (during regular winter Farm Store hours: Monday–Friday: 11AM–6PM, Saturday & Sunday: 10AM–4PM)
  • Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough (Tuesday 2-6PM, plus additional winter farmstand hours)
  • Moose Hill Farm, Sharon (Wednesday 2-6PM)
  • Powisset Farm, Dover (Wednesday 2-6PM, plus additional winter farmstand hours)
  • Weir River Farm, Hingham (Wednesday 2-6PM or Saturday, 11AM-3PM)

How are Trustees animals raised and what are they fed?
The grass-finished cattle have been raised on the pastures of Chestnut Hill Farm and Moose Hill Farm. Managed with rotational grazing practices, habitat preservation models for ground nesting birds and minimal stress through sustainable stocking, the meat is of top quality. 

The pigs have been raised at Moose Hill Farm, Powisset Farm, and Weir River Farm on both pastures and in woods, all perfect habitats for pigs. The pigs are fed freshly packed grain, vegetables, breads and spent barley grain from local businesses.

The meat chickens have been raised at Chestnut Hill Farm and Weir River Farm with both space and access to grass and freshly packed grain. 

The lambs have been raised in the beautiful coastal sandplain pastures of Katama Farm in Edgartown.

How do I sign up?
Signup here! To receive updates about the Meat CSA, sign up for our blog here. 

More questions about the CSA or the registration process?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at You can also reach out to Jesse, Livestock Manager, at 413.358.1572.