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Winter + Dairy = LOVE

Winter + Dairy = LOVE

Mouthwatering Cheese, Milk & Yogurt...Fresh from the Appleton Farms Weekly Dairy Shares: New This Winter!


This winter, warm up to a smorgasbord of handcrafted, delicious, and nutritious milk, cheese, and yogurt, fresh from Appleton Farms – all part of a winter dairy share program we’re launching. It works this way: you pay a flat price at the beginning of the season, then visit the farm weekly to pick up your choice of milk, yogurt, and cheese. (It’s like our veggie CSA, but for dairy.)
Picture a cozy season of gooey grilled cheese, artisan pizza, warm oatmeal with the freshest-of-fresh milk…Mmmmm, are you hungry yet?


You'll pay up front for your share, then come to Appleton Farms for your weekly pickups between December 16 and March 16.

#1 Choose your share

Appleton Farms: full dairy share
Full Share
Here's what you'll get each week:
Milk: 2 – ½ gallons cow’s milk; choice of skim, 1%, or whole (worth $8.50)
Yogurt: 1 – Quart (32 oz.) whole milk yogurt (worth $5)   
Cheese: 1 – ¼ lb. wedge cheese; choice from seasonal selection (worth $4.50)
Full share cost: Members: $210. Nonmembers: $230.

Appleton Farms: half dairy share
Half Share
Here's what you'll get each week:
Milk: 1 – ½ gallon cow’s milk; choice of skim, 1%, or whole  (worth $4.25)
Yogurt: 1 – Pint (16 oz.) whole milk yogurt (worth $3)   
Cheese: 1 – ¼ lb. wedge cheese; choice from seasonal selection (worth $4.50)
Half share cost: Members: $135. Nonmembers: $150.

#2 Buy your share

Sign up online, at our dairy store (Monday–Friday, 11AM–6PM, Saturday & Sunday, 10AM–4PM), or by calling 978.356.5728.

#3 Pick up your share

Swing by our dairy store at Appleton Farms once a week between December 16 and March 16 for your pickup.
Store hours: Monday–Friday, 11AM–6PM, Saturday & Sunday, 10AM–4PM.

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at 978.356.5728.


Our milk is bottled using low-temperature pasteurization at Puleo’s Dairy in Salem, MA. The lower temperature helps preserve the “good” bacteria found in our grass-based milk. We offer skim, 1%, and whole milk.

Our yogurt starts with fresh whole milk from Jersey cows. We add a mix of yogurt cultures – that’s it – no additives, stabilizers, or sugars.

Sunset Hill Triple Cream: A silky-smooth brie-style cheese with a snow-white bloomy rind, this cheese oozes flavor. It is sweet and buttery when young, sharp and peppery with age.
Pinnacle: The “pinnacle” of our cheeses, this mild & smooth-bodied tomme-style cheese with its rustic edible rind is named after the granite spires or “pinnacles” located throughout the farm in memoriam to Appleton family members.
The Colonel: A young asiago-style cheese with piquant or peppery notes, this signature cheese is named after Frank Appleton – a colonel in WWI.
Blazing Blue: Named after a rare wildflower found at the farm, this special blue cheese has sharp and salty notes and “blazing blue” color. Balance the flavor with a bold red wine and sweet apples.


  • It’s Healthy: Our dairy products are made with fresh milk and cream from healthy cows milk grazed on Appleton Farms, right here in Hamilton, Massachusetts. You can really taste the difference in each of our signature products.
  • It’s Local & Friendly: Come to Appleton Farms every week, for 13 weeks, December 15 through March 15, to pick up your share – it’s like a veggie share, but with a twist. It’s a great way to get some fresh, farm air (bring the kids!) during the long winter months, too.
  • It’s Easy: Stop by during pick-up hours to grab your choice(s) of milk and cheese, as well as your yogurt. And, the best part is you can leave your wallet at home!
  • You’ll Save: Trustees of Reservations members enjoy a 10% discount.
  • You’ll Learn: Throughout the season, we’ll invite you to meet our cows, share dairy recipes, and more!

Published November 2013

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