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Can we share a share?
One share is designated to one household, and we encourage each household to purchase their own share. This household receives all CSA mailings and is responsible for payment. If the share is consistently too large for your household, you can fill your bag less full, knowing that we donate the daily surplus to local food pantries. You can also share with a neighbor or friend once you get the produce home. You can also send someone else to the farm pick-up in your place. Because of our limited parking and staff resources, we require that each weekly pick-up occur using one car on one visit per share. Also, each share must leave the barn distribution intact - we can't allow "half" share bags or partial pick-ups.

Is Appleton Farms CSA organic?
At Appleton Farms CSA, our vegetables are grown in an environmentally sustaining manner - crops grow from greenhouse to harvest without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The farmers use aged animal manure compost and organic fertilizers. Green manures and legume cover crops are planted to fix nitrogen, build soil organic matter, and prevent erosion. Seeds are organic when available, with inclusion of heirloom and open pollinated varieties. We control pests through the use of crop rotations, biological insecticides, and cultural practices such as the use of row covers. Some bugs we'll just tolerate. The harvest is brought in from the field hours before you pick it up in the shareroom - it just doesn't get any fresher!

Our practices are guided by the National Organic Standards and by our own goals for achieving a sustainable system. Because the CSA farmers and crew have personal interactions and relationships with the shareholders, we find it an unnecessary step to apply for, or pay the expenses of, federal organic certification. We invite all shareholders and farm visitors to spend a day with us, walk through our fields and check out our compost - come see for yourself how we farm. Let's keep it local!

Does the farm offer any delivered shares?
All CSA shares are picked up by the shareholders at the farm in Ipswich.

Can we purchase other products through the CSA?
Other products such as Appleton Farms beef, milk, and cheese can be purchased at the Dairy Store, which is located right next to the CSA and is open during share pick-up hours.

How much produce is a share?
We aim to provide one grocery bag (more or less) of produce each week. We aim to provide free choice within the Mix-and-Match system. Invariably, one or several crops each week will be in short supply, and will be "limited" in the share that week. One share is designed for two people who enjoy cooking, or for a family of four.

What crops are grown?
In all, we grow close to 200 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers, and a few fruits (strawberries and watermelon). Since each crop has its prime season, we won't always have everything, but we will have a wide variety of choices every week. Shareholders can expect to find 15-30 crops to choose from each week.