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Appleton Farms CSA Shareholders

We are currently offering last year's CSA Shareholders the opportunity to renew. We will open sign-up to our wait list on April 1 – thanks so much, and hope to see you soon at the farm!

Half of our 540 shareholders come to the farm in the beginning of the week, half at the end. Each shareholder chooses a block of shop days to come to the farm. This includes the pick up of the barn share as well as the pick-your-own. Shareholders may pick crops from the pick-your-own garden once per week. Those who are unable to pick during the weekday pick-up hours can enjoy the Pick-Your-Own garden on Saturdays from 8–12Noon, but we have no share distribution on Saturdays. The CSA is open during all Monday holidays, including Labor Day, Columbus Day, and July 4th.

The share pick-up blocks are:

Mondays (2 - 7PM) & Tuesdays (11AM - 5PM)


Thursdays (2 - 7PM) & Fridays (11AM - 5PM)

Pick-your-own fields will also be open Saturdays 8AM–12Noon for shareholders who were unable to pick during share distribution hours. Each share may pick ONE time per week.

Because of our limited parking and staff resources, we require that each weekly pick-up occur using one car on one visit per share. Also, each share must leave the barn distribution intact – we can't allow "half" share bags or partial pick-ups.

What To Bring To Distribution Day
We provide paper grocery bags and small plastic bags. We appreciate when you bring your own bags, as it saves us money and generates less waste. You will have the opportunity to purchase an Appleton Farms canvas bag that is just the right size for the share.

You may wish to bring scissors for cutting flowers and herbs, a water container to keep these fresh on hot days, and a basket or bucket for other pick-your-own crops. There are hoses here, to fill your flower containers and for drinking water. There is also a Port-a-Potty at the barn. Feel free to bring a picnic and friends, and spend time relaxing at the farm.

Dogs and other pets are not permitted at the CSA, to protect livestock and crop fields.

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