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Appleton Farms operates a 600-member Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program on 24 cultivated acres. At this size, we are one of the largest CSA programs in New England.

Each fall, we offer our current shareholders first priority for renewing their CSA shares. Usually more than 90% of our current shareholders choose to join us for another growing season at the farm. Renewals are completed by Dec 31st of each year, at which point we offer remaining CSA spots to households on the Wait List. Note that shares are not transferable from one household to another, so the only way to join the Appleton Farms CSA if you are not currently a primary shareholder is via the Wait List.

2018 CSA Share Price
Trustees Members: $650

Important Details About the Wait List

  • Once you add your name to the Wait List, we will offer you a share when your number comes up. We are no longer holding a lottery for new shares.
  • Generally, we expect to have about 75-100 new shares to offer each winter. The first households on the waitlist are contacted by email in January or February.
  • Households on the Wait List who don't accept a share when offered one will then be deleted from the Wait List.
  • Only one submittal per address will be accepted.
  • Shares are not transferable from one household/name to another.
  • If you'd like to find out where your household is on the Wait List, please inquire by email at We will respond as quickly as we are able. Please do not phone us to find out where you are on the Wait List.
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