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Elliott Laurel
central-ma Phillipston, MA
33 acres
Photo Credit: R. Cheek

In late spring, enjoy the colorful blooms of mountain laurel that give this reservation its name.

What makes Elliott Laurel a special place?
Once pastureland, most of Elliott Laurel is now a quiet woodland traversed by old stone walls. As you follow the scenic foot trail, you’ll cross an open field before climbing a rocky hillside to a lovely overlook. The trail then meanders through a forest of white pine and hemlock before entering a red maple swamp, which lights with radiant color in the fall.

For the return leg of your trek, you’ll pass under a cathedral of pine trees, whose trunks are swathed in thickets of the mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) for which the reservation is named. At peak, its flowers emerge first as pink buds that gradually turn to a brilliant white as they open, brightening the shady woodland floor.

1-mile trail. Moderate hiking.

When to Visit
Year-round, daily, sunrise to sunset. Allow a minimum of 1 hour.

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