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With your participation and input, The Trustees propose to create a park that is home to wide variety of activities and programs that serve Leominster, Fitchurg, and surrounding communities.

We want to build upon the success of the Doyle Center as a “green” conference and events center where visitors can learn about community-based conservation and sustainability, and bring together people of many backgrounds, cultures and interests to create practical, long-term solutions to the environmental, economic, and social challenges we face today.

To make this vision a reality, we will welcome community input, participation and investment in the development of Doyle Community Park and collaborate with local organizations, agencies, businesses, and communities in North Central Massachusetts to make the park a vibrant and popular local and regional asset.

We will also undertake a series of renovations and improvements to make the park more inviting, visible and accessible, including (see map above):

A. Maintaining and improving views to the park from Merriam Street and Lindell Avenue
B. Improving trail and interpretive signage
C.  Creating parking area for Pierce Meadow
D.  Creating an internal driveway and walkway to connect Doyle Center and Pierce Meadow
E. Expanding the parking areas as conference and meeting activity increases
F. Improving the entrance and driveway to Pierce Meadow
G. Preserving scenic qualities along Lindell Avenue
H. Establishing welcomging signage and "way-finding" along roadways
I. Creating a parking area at South Field across from the Estate Core
J. Relocating the front entrance drive to the Estate Core
K. Establishing community-based agriculture