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Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Wasque Reservation & Norton Point Beach OSV Permit 2019

Oversand Vehichle Permits

2019 Cape Poge/Wasque and Norton Point Beach Oversand Vehicle Permits

Over-Sand Vehicle permits are available for purchase at The Trustees Vineyard Haven Office (860 State Road), and the Mytoi, Wasque, and Norton Point gatehouses.

All-Over Pass for Martha’s Vineyard - $500 - Includes:

  • Combination OSV permits to Cape Poge, Wasque and Norton Point
  • Unlimited Access to Long Point Wildlife Refuge for passholder vehicle and all guests
  • Unlimited walk-on access to East Beach gatehouse for passholder and guests
  • Unlimited access to Wasque Reservation parking lot and beaches for passholder vehicle and all guests (parking available on a first come first served basis, and cannot be guaranteed)
  • Complimentary Contributing level Membership to The Trustees
Norton Point, Cape Poge/Wasque and Combination Permits Include:
  • Unlimited access to Cape Poge, Wasque and/or Norton Point (depending on permit)
  • Complimentary Family level Membership to The Trustees
Fee Structure for 2019 Cape Poge/Wasque and Norton Point

  Jan. 22 to Mar. 31 Apr. 1 to Apr. 30 After May 1**
Norton Point
On Island* $90 $90 $90
Off Island $140 $140 $140
Cape Poge $170 $180 $190
Combination Permit
On Island* $250 $250 $270
Off Island $300 $300 $320
All Over Permit $500 $500 $500

*To take advantage of the Island Vehicle rate your vehicle must be registered in Dukes County. You may be contacted to supply a copy of your vehicle registration before we can issue your permits.
**Can only be purchased on Island

All permits purchased online will be available for pick-up at the Mytoi Gatehouse and the Norton Point Gatehouse, during open hours. You may also pick up your permit at the Vineyard Haven office, 860 State Road in Vineyard Haven, Monday – Thursday, 9AM – 2PM after May 5, 2019.
When picking up your stickers, please be sure to bring your e-mail confirmation and oversand vehicle with you. The stickers will be affixed to your vehicle at that time. Vehicles not bearing both stickers (front and back bumper on the same vehicle) are invalid. Replacements for lost and misplaced stickers will not be issued. If you decide to change vehicles (i.e. you’ve sold the vehicle, the vehicle is in the shop, etc.) please remember to remove both stickers and bring them with you to request a re-issue. Even if the permits are damaged or torn up into small pieces, that’s okay – we just need physical evidence that they are no longer in use!

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