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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I purchase a membership and a Crane Beach Parking Permit?
It’s easy! Click here to immediately purchase online.
Or, purchase in person at Visitor Services at Crane Beach.

Q: What are the differences in benefits among membership categories?
We have many terrific benefits for a variety of membership levels. To see them all, click here.

Q: What's the definition of a family membership?
A family membership provides admission benefits for two adults and their children or grandchildren up to 18 years old. For special fundraising events, the number of member-discounted children’s tickets that you may purchase will be limited.

Q: What age qualifies you for the Senior Discount?
The purchaser of the membership must be 65 years old or older. Senior discounts only apply to Individual and Family level memberships.

Q: How do I join one of the leadership giving societies, such as the Charles Eliot Society, 1891 Society, or Conservation Council?
Thank you for considering additional support! To join at these levels, please click here.

Q: Can I upgrade my membership during the year in which it is valid?
Yes, you may!  You will be asked to pay the increase in cost between the current level and the desired level. The cost increase is not pro-rated, so depending on when your current membership expires, you may want to renew and upgrade at the same time. Please call 978.921.1944 and we will be happy to process your upgrade.

Q: How are membership dues spent by The Trustees?
Membership dues are a critical source of our funding, and support annual operating costs, 75% of which occur at our 116 properties.

Q: How do I give gift membership?
Gift memberships are a great way to share your special places and celebrate a milestone or holiday! Click here to purchase one.

Q: Are membership dues tax deductible?
Membership dues at the Individual and Family levels are fully tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Because additional admission benefits accrue to members at the higher levels of membership, a small portion of those dues may not be tax-deductible. Your Membership acknowledgement letter will reflect what portion is non tax-deductible.


Q: Do members get special admission privileges at Crane Beach?
They do indeed! Click here for details about the member admission fees to Crane Beach.

Q: Do I need a Green Dogs permit to walk my dogs on certain Trustees properties?
You no longer need a Green Dogs permit to walk your dogs on Trustees Properties, where dog walking in allowed. At all our dog friendly properties, please adhere to the Dog Walker rules and regulations.

Q: Do my membership benefits expire on December 31 of each year or 12 months from the time I join?
Membership begins on the day you purchase it and lasts 12 full months from the time you join.

Q: Can I buy a replacement copy of the Property Guide?
Yes, you may! The cost is $15. To request a replacement copy, call 978.921.1944. You can charge the cost on a credit card or mail in a personal check.


Q: Can I lend my membership card to others?
Please do not lend your membership card to others! Membership benefits are not transferable to nonmembers. If a nonmember is found to be using a member’s card, the card will be confiscated. Have a friend who is interested in Membership at The Trustees? Give them a gift membership! Click here to purchase.

Q: Who can use my membership card?
Your membership card covers the adult(s) named on the card or, in the case of family membership, the dependent children of the adults named on the card, up to age 18, and who reside in the same household.

Q: Do I need to carry my membership card when I visit properties?
Yes, please bring your card with you when you visit our properties. It helps our staff identify you as a Trustees Member and it gives you access to all of the benefits of being a member (including free parking t our paring kiosks!) Without your card you maybe ineligible for membership benefits.

Q: Can I add a friend or family member on my membership who lives at a separate address?
No. The names on the membership must reside at the same address.  

Q: What is my Parking Kiosk number? I’ve forgotten or lost my Kiosk number, how do I find it?
Your Kiosk number is your membership number, which can be found above your name on your membership card. If you have lost your membership card, please call the Member Relations Department at 978.921.1944 or e-mail us at

Q: How many membership cards may I request?
For Family level and above, you may request up to 2 membership cards as long as there are two names on the membership. We are limited to 2 names per membership.


Q: What's the procedure for changing my mailing address, e-mail address, or telephone number?
Send us an email with your new contact details, indicating when they become effective. To help us locate your membership record, please include your membership number (on your membership card) and your former street address. Call the Member Relations Department at 978.921.1944 or e-mail us at


Q: Can I elect not to receive Special Places magazine or additional solicitations?
Yes, you may! Simply call the Member Relations Department at 978.921.1944 or e-mail us at To help us locate your record, provide us your membership number (on your membership card) and include your former street address in the email. We will mark your membership record so that you receive only those mailings that you wish to receive.

Q: Can I use more than one mailing address for my membership?
No; please provide us with your primary address.

Q: As a member, is my name and address sold or rented?
Member information is never sold or rented. However, the organization occasionally exchanges on a one-for one basis the names and addresses of a limited number of members with other nonprofit organizations and selected for-profit companies. Members who wish to be excluded from these exchanges may elect to do so by emailing the membership department or calling 978.921.1944. To help us locate your record, please provide us with your membership number (on your membership card) and include your street address in the email.

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