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Trustees GO Pass

Frequent Questions

Q: How do I use a Trustees GO Pass to visit a Trustees property?
A: If your local library is a Trustees GO Pass member, you can request a Trustees GO Pass through them. You can take your GO Pass to any Trustees property that charges admission, fill out the back portion of the pass with the requested information, and hand the GO Pass to the Trustees staff member collecting admission.  If this is a property that charges reduced admission for Trustees members, rather than free admission, then you will be asked to pay the reduced admission price.

Q: Do I need to show my library card to have access to the GO Pass?
A: Yes. You should have an active library card in order to request the GO Pass at your library; however, the policy may vary at each participating library.

Q: Can I use the same GO Pass on multiple properties on the same day?
A:  The GO Pass will be collected by a Trustees staff member at the first property that you visit and use the GO Pass for admission.  If you visit multiple Trustees properties in one day, then you will have to pay the non-member price at each additional property after the first visit.

Q: How many people are admitted with one GO Pass?
A: Admission with a GO Pass is equivalent to admission for a Family level Trustees membership, which includes two adults and any children under 18.

Q: If I have more than two adults who would like to visit a property with me, can I receive more than one GO Pass at one time?
A: Please check with your participating institution about the number of passes you may receive at one time.

Q: Can I use a GO Pass for admission to Crane Beach?
A: Yes. You can use a GO Pass to receive the member price admission fee for parking at Crane Beach. The GO Pass cannot be used in place of a Crane Beach Parking Permit, and therefore does not grant you free admission, only discounted admission.

Q: How do I receive my own copy of the Trustees Property Guide, Find Your Place?
A: The Trustees Property Guide is a member benefit. If you would like to join as a member and receive your own copy of our Property Guide – plus the additional benefits and discounts awarded to Trustees members – please visit us online at OR you can join on site at most Trustees properties during your next visit.

Q: How do I use a GO Pass for properties that have two admission points; one for parking and one for tour admission?
A: For properties, such as Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, that have an admission fee to enter the grounds AND an admission fee to take a tour, you can use the GO Pass for member priced admission at both price points. At the first price point, please fill out the back of the GO Pass completely and show it to the gate attendee so that they can initial it. At the second price point, please hand the GO Pass to the Trustees staff member collecting admission for a house tour to receive your member price admission fee.

Q: Can I use a GO Pass at a property with a parking kiosk?
A: The GO Pass is not valid in place of the $5 parking kiosk fee. Bartholomew’s Cobble has both a parking kiosk fee and a regular admission fee. While the GO Pass cannot be used at the parking kiosk, it can be used to receive the member price general admission fee, which in this case is free.

Q: I am already a Trustees member.  Does the GO Pass offer me any additional discounts on admission?
A: The GO Pass admission is equivalent to a member price admission and cannot be used in conjunction with your membership card to receive further benefits. As a Trustees member you are already receiving the benefits offered by a GO Pass – and much more!

Q: Can I use the GO Pass to receive a discount in Trustees gift shops or cafes?
A: The GO Pass is not valid for discounts in our gift shops and cafes. It is only valid for general admission to a Trustees property.  

Q: Can I use the GO Pass to receive member pricing at a special event or program?
A: The GO Pass is only valid for general admission to a Trustees property and cannot be used to receive the member pricing for special events and programs.

Q: Can I use the GO Pass at any Trustees property?
A: The Trustees GO Pass is valid at any property that charges an admission fee, except at parking kiosks or at special events or programs. Not every Trustees property charges an admission fee, as many are free to the public already. Please visit our website for a specific property’s admission policy.

Q: Can I use a GO Pass for skiing at Notchview?
A: Yes. The GO Pass is valid for the member pricing for skiing at Notchview, however, it cannot be used as a Notchview ski pass or for discounts on ski or snowshoe rentals.

Q: Can I receive the member pricing on equipment rentals (ski, snowshoe, kayak, etc.) with a GO Pass?
A: The GO Pass is not valid for discounts on equipment rentals. It is only valid for property admission.

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