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Trustees Corporate GO Pass

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Benefits & Restrictions

GO Pass basics:

    • Purchase a Trustees Corporate GO Pass package for $500
    • Perfect for small or large companies
    • Receive 100 one-time use GO Passes, all valid for one year from time of purchase, for your employees to use at Trustees properties (each additional book within the same year is $350)
    • Feel good knowing that you’re helping The Trustees keep open spaces open, while also encouraging your employees to Get Outside and explore the Commonwealth’s special places

    GO Pass member benefits:

    • 100 one-time use GO Passes for your patrons to use at Trustees properties for free or reduced admission
      • GO passes are valid for admission only; not valid for discounts at parking kiosks, stores, cafes, Inns, Campgrounds, special events and programs, on any equipment rental, or in place of any other permits or passes.
      • Go Pass admission is equivalent to the admission privileges of a Trustees Family level Membership: two adults and children under 18
      • Each Go Pass is valid for one year
    • One copy of The Trustees property guide, Where Wonder Happens, for employees to reference
      • This is a full color guidebook that provides history, visiting information, and property restrictions for each of the Trustees properties
        • Note: The property guide does not include our 117th acquisition Gerry Island.
    • A subscription to our award winning quarterly magazine, Special Places
      • Special Places is printed and mailed to members with each changing season. The magazine includes an event calendar insert among various stories on The Trustees ongoing projects and achievements

    GO Pass user benefits:

    • Free or reduced admission to Trustees properties
    • The opportunity to get outside and explore places in Massachusetts that may not have been easily accessible to them before

    GO Pass use and restrictions:

    • Each GO Pass has information to be filled in on the back of the pass. This is to be filled in by the pass user at the time of use at a Trustees property (Institution, Trustees property, date of use, name, email)
    • Each GO Pass is a one-time use pass and is valid for admission only. Not every Trustees property charges an admission fee. For detailed information about the admission at each property, please visit us online at thetrustees.org
    • The GO Pass provides the same admission benefit as a Trustees Family level Membership, but does not offer the full privileges of Trustees Membership
      • Trustees Members receive discounts in our shops and cafes, on stays at our Inns and Campgrounds and on equipment rentals (e.g. ski, snowshoe, kayak, etc.), at special events and programs and our parking kiosks, and can purchase additional items (Crane Beach Parking Permits, Oversand Vehicle Permits, CSA farm shares, and Notchview Ski Passes)
      • The GO Pass is not valid for regular or special Member benefits including those of the listed above

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